A Whiff of Justice and the Smell of Fear

A Whiff of Justice and the Smell of Fear – Firewall by Bill Whittle (8 minutes).

The “WenthworthMaven” is slowly returning.  I had a bit of a medical bout, but am finally on the mend. As such, perhaps slowly at first, but for now at least – I’m back!…..:-)

For those of you from Australia and the UK, perhaps the analogy of the “Deep State” and Bill Whittle’s video above will have a ring of truth?

It is often said what happens in the USA, (Think Donald Trump) will soon occur in Australia (and perhaps the UK). With the Phoenix like re-emergence of Scott Morrison as Australian PM and now Boris Johnson waiting in the wings as the inept Theresa May exits – “Stage Brexit”, much is possible.

What may be about to occur in the USA, just maybe, will be a new harbinger and breath of fresh air for us all?

Enjoy the always acerbic Bill Whittle, who gives us all a brief history lesson and food for thought.