YouTube’s ‘Trending’ Tab is Rigged in Favor of Big Media

YouTube’s ‘Trending’ Tab is Rigged in Favor of Big Media, by Paul Joseph Watson.

The study showed that independent creator Philip DeFranco, who produces a daily news show, appeared on the trending tab only twice despite amassing an average of 1.4 million views per video, while AP, which averages 10,000 views per video trended seven times.

In all, 95% of all videos from news creators that appeared on the trending tab came from legacy media outlets. …

Despite having the most subscribed channel by far in the United States, PewDiePie only appeared on the trending tab in the U.S. once compared to 45 times in Canada, proving that the U.S. trending tab is being curated to exclude him. …

Corporate network ‘comedy’ shows which routinely push left-wing political narratives like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert appeared dozens of times on the trending tab.

As we have previously highlighted, YouTube openly rigs its own search engine to exclude independent news content creators, burying them under a wall of mainstream media videos.

Google (which owns YouTube) is the modern evil.