What is the Far Left Saying About the Australian Election Result?

What is the Far Left Saying About the Australian Election Result?

Here some of the comments on Adams’ twit. These people really have tickets on themselves as superior, don’t they?

Goodbye climate change, goodbye ABC, goodbye stability, goodbye forward thinking, goodbye equality for all, goodbye humanity for refugees.

This morning decent Australians are mourning the passing of a visionary glimpse of Australia as a compassionate, caring society.

Lies, corruption, paralysis, disunity have been rewarded and reinforced as ‘the way’. And, worst of all for our democracy, Murdoch has been rewarded. Our democracy continues on the path to outright corruption. Murdoch is cancer, and the electorate are fools.

This article highlights that the left are blaming Queensland, which swung 4% against Labor (umm, Adani?). The self-styled compassionate people are, well, hating:

hat-tip Matthew