Observations on the Recent Election in Australia

Observations on the Recent Election in Australia, by David Archibald.

The setup that led to the unexpected Liberal win on Saturday was Malcolm Turnbull taking the Liberals to the left. This allowed Labor to go further left to keep getting Greens preferences. Shorten then accessed his inner Lenin and decided to massacre the kulaks — retirees who had saved for their retirement. Plus a whole lot of other taxes. The media didn’t attack Labor, and this lulled Labor into a false sense of security. In the end, in the privacy of the polling booth, the kulaks decided that they would rather not spend the rest of their days in abject poverty. So Shorten’s attempt to impose a workers’ and peasants’ collective came to naught.

And the country will drift on for another three years or until a cathartic event disrupts the lotus-eating. …

Scott Morrison, Rob Oakeshott, Jason Clare on the trail of vapid conversation, Borneo 2011

A lot of those leftie Liberal MPs have now left parliament, retiring voluntarily to get their pensions early. The future of the country depends upon the quality of the new crop that replaced them.

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