Two issues will decide the election

Two issues will decide the election, by Robert Gottliebsen.

As we go to the polls two issues will decide the election — the retirement and pensioners tax (RPT) and the dramatic rise in community apprehension about climate.

The retirement and pensioners tax:

As a result of RPT — levied via a ban on cash franking credits — a staggering 1.1 million elderly Australians are set to lose on average $4000 each year. It’s money few of them can afford.

Add that to higher capital gains taxes and negative gearing and anger in the older age groups of our community is white hot. And when I comment on the subject the reader response is huge. …

However only a portion of Australia’s 1.l million elderly people set to be hit have any concept that they are being accused in the 2019 election campaign of being part of a tax system that “dudded” the younger generation.

In fact, many of them still think they are “doing the right thing” by saving for their retirement.

If the ALP wins the election and gains Senate approval for its plan to make them pay the retirement and pensioners tax, they will all then realise that the younger community believes that the older generation were part of a system that “dudded” the younger generation.

They must pay what is arguably a $4000 average fine for the rest of their lives—-or at least until they quit the self-managed funds and go onto the government pensions. …

Global warming:

But the reader response is just as big when I discuss climate change …

The level of belief in imminent climate change and the need to act is back to the level of the 2007 federal election — the election when Kevin Rudd defeated John Howard in a landslide. The level of belief declined in 2009 and 2010 but has since steadily recovered.