Australia mourns ‘bloody legend’ Bob Hawke with emotional tributes

Australia mourns ‘bloody legend’ Bob Hawke with emotional tributes, by Alana Calvert. Hawke, PM from 1983 to 1991, died today.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten was among those to pay tribute, saying the labour movement “salutes our greatest son”.

“The Labor Party gives thanks for the life of our longest-serving prime minister and Australians everywhere remember and honour a man who gave so much to the country and people he cared for so deeply,” he said in a statement.

The Australian people loved Bob Hawke because they knew Bob loved them, this was true to the very end.

What a change from today’s leaders of the left. They don’t love Australians, but hate them as racist, sexist deplorables. Too many of today’s political class are globalists, at home with fellow elitists in New York or Paris, or any big international airport really. Something changed.

As Paul Keating said, “The best way to see Darwin is at 35,000ft on the way to Paris.” He also allegedly said that Australia was “the arse end of the world.” Yep, the 1990s was when the left was switching from championing the working class to identity politics. Not just in Australia, but throughout the West.


This is terrible timing for the Libs. Sentimentality, via the massed violins of the ABC, will see Shorten as our next PM.

hat-tip Philip Barton