Don’t Make Labor Look Bad, or Else

Don’t Make Labor Look Bad, or Else, by Michael Smith.

The Queensland ports contract worker who tripped up Bill Shorten on Labor’s tax plan for high-income earners has been suspended and forced to find another job.

The 49-year-old experienced electrical engineer was told he was in breach of contract for speaking to the media after he was filmed questioning the Opposition Leader as he campaigned at the ­Queensland government-owned Gladstone Ports on April 23, The Courier-Mail newspaper reports.

The next day the worker’s pass did not work and last week his desk was packed up and its contents ­delivered to his house.

The father of three, who earned about $250,000 last financial year, had forgotten his lunch the day of Mr Shorten’s visit and became caught up in the media scrum ­during a free barbecue.

The employer, the Gladstone Port Corporation, is owned by the State Government.

I recall being in a meeting with big business leaders on WA a decade ago. They refused to do or say anything about climate change because, they said, Labor has long memories. There are so many regulatory approvals required from government to operate a business that falling afoul of the bureaucracy or a Labor government can be very costly or even fatal. Wonderful.