Another non-PC site censored: Chateau Heartiste banned by WordPress

Another non-PC site censored: Chateau Heartiste banned by WordPress, by David Evans.

The flagrantly non-PC site Chateau Heartiste has been censored. The site now just displays a message from the world’s most popular web-hosting company, WordPress:

No real reason given, no appeal.

That makes half a dozen non-PC sites/people banned in the last month by various Internet companies. Chateau Heartiste ran for a decade or so. It often had interesting things to say, not that you’ll ever be able to find out about that now. The Wentworth Report has excerpted articles from it several times.

This site you are reading now is hosted by WordPress. Until now WordPress hasn’t expressed political opinions or banned anyone for obvious political reasons. Guess that’s changed. What are we allowed to say? Who knows, apart from some nerds in the USA. How long before only left wing thoughts are legal?