Shorten blundering to defeat?

Shorten blundering to defeat? By David Flint.

It is likely that only a minority of [the electorate] are regularly exposed to one of the three best sources of political information, the leading newspapers, especially Murdoch’s, Sky TV (far more observant of the ABC Charter than the ABC) and Macquarie radio. Otherwise, all they see and hear is the gallery’s essentially Labor-Green view delivered daily into their living rooms on TV.

The result is they are not much exposed to Coalition achievements or Labor weaknesses. When either is actually mentioned, it is on a ‘drive-by’ basis; touched on, but rarely revisited. This is completely unlike the sins, real or imagined, of the Coalition which are delivered with continuing and repetitive intensity. Just think of Tony Abbott or Bronwyn Bishop. …

Policy differences emerge as Labor bears left:

Because the LINOs (Liberals In Name Only) have dominated Coalition policy-making, the key undecided voter in the marginals has not until recently seen much difference between the parties.

This changed when Shorten began to well and truly put his foot in it on several occasions; electric cars, superannuation, taxation, the costs of his truly extremist global warming policies, etc. …

Horse race:

Shorten was always mistrusted by voters as an opportunistic back-stabber and one who sold out workers’ penalty rates to a union benefactor. But put under the mildest of campaign pressure he shows himself prone to be irritable and to put his foot in his mouth. Voters are noticing: Labor’s 2PP vote in the Morgan Poll and then NewsPoll fell to 51:49.

A bit of history:

Unfortunately, Australia has had only two great leaders since the war, Menzies and Howard, with the latter brought down prematurely by a commentariat who hated him for his ability and finally had their way with some hiding what they knew about Kevin Rudd’s record in government.

The result was the commentariat gift, the financial and border-control disasters of the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd governments.