The News Corp war on Fraser Anning

The News Corp war on Fraser Anning, by Lucas Rosas.

During a recent press conference held by Fraser Anning in the southern Sydney suburb of Cronulla to announce a candidate for the upcoming Federal Poll a News Corp journalist Eliza Barr decided to make the interview all about her. Instead of speaking about the issue at hand she instead chose to repeatedly attack the Senator over his well-known positions on crime and immigration. …

To hear the coverage since one would think that poor Eliza was an innocent hard working truth teller who was simply pressing hard questions in an impartial fashion to a divisive political figure.

Like hell she was.

Ms Barr is not in any way impartial when it comes to immigration, Islam, right wing politics or Fraser Anning. In fact to judge by her past statements both in print and online on these issues she may be one of the more partisan people in Australia.

This is a woman who has on her Twitter account described Anning as a cruel, inhumane, vile, unhinged purveyor of hate speech who is unfit to lead. She was also the journalist responsible for the hit piece on Lauren Southern where she mocked, belittled and straight up lied about Southern’s trip to the heavily Islamic Sydney suburb of Lakemba. Eliza also penned a hit piece against Mark Latham after the former ALP leader made the jump to One Nation declaring that there was no need for journalists like herself to publicly shame Latham since he was doing so himself by expressing views she disagreed with on immigration and multiculturalism. Eliza has also declared in the pages of her Daily Telegraph column that Israel Folau is not a real Christian for believing that homosexuality is a sin, a theological position that would come as a shock to most Christians not only throughout history but also throughout the word today. She even attacked the Keep Sydney Open Party that ran against lockout laws in the recent NSW state elections because they preferenced the Sustainable Australia Party, an environmental party that advocates for reducing immigration on ecological grounds. Eliza declared from her lofty perch that even just directing preferences to a party that advocates for reducing immigration for any reason at all is “offensive” to her. …

News Corps is the least PC major news organization in Australia, but still:

News Corp and many of its journalists have been lying about immigration, they’ve been lying about the “far right” and they’ve especially been lying about Senator Fraser Anning. Which when you think about it isn’t really all that surprising. Despite the favourite conspiracy theory of the Australian left that the only reason anyone disagrees with them is because of the evil-fascist-Murdoch-Empire, the best study done on the political attitudes of Australian journalists showed that 46.5% of News Corp journalists vote for Labor, 26.7% vote for the Coalition, and 19.8% even vote for the Greens. Not quite a hotbed of right wing fervour.

This compares with 41.2% of ABC journalists who said they would vote for the Greens, followed by 32.4% for Labor and 14.7% for the Coalition. According to the same study 51.0% of Australian journalists said they would describe themselves as holding left-of-centre political views, compared with only 12.9% who considered themselves right-of-centre.

The entire Australian media class leans so heavily to the left that they’re almost falling out of the tree. When leftists complain about “Murdoch media bias” what they’re really saying is that a quarter of News Corp Journalists are “allowed” to disagree with them at all. The truth is that our media elites are so biased that to many of them like Eliza Barr anything they do to attack anyone who questions leftist pieties like immigration or multiculturalism is acceptable.