UK declares Climate Chastity Vow (it’s a Groupthink Emergency)

UK declares Climate Chastity Vow (it’s a Groupthink Emergency), by Joanne Nova.

It’s has all the legal meaning of a Chastity vow, has no scientific definition and was not voted on. It’s purely symbolic — as such its main role is to add social pressure on weak minded MP’s and be a shot-in-the-arm for green-group fundraising. It’s a PR achievement, a worthy footnote in Marketing 101. But it wasn’t democratic, rational or the voice of the people.

This is what you get when you let 16 year olds dictate national policy. …

Prof Chris Turney (of the $2.4m Antarctic stuck-ship fame): “While there is no precise definition of what constitutes action to meet such an emergency, the move has been likened to putting the country on a “war footing”, with climate and the environment at the very centre of all government policy, rather than being on the fringe of political decisions.”

  • Nearly half a million Britons died in World War II. So far, man-made climate change has killed no one.
  • The worst storm in British history was three hundred and sixteen years ago.
  • The population is booming.
  • Food is bountiful to the point of being a health hazard.
  • The biggest climate problem Britain faces is the indoor one — whether the poor can afford the kind of safe efficient electric heating that no one had one hundred years ago.

April 2018

This from the same people who predicted in 2000 that there would be no more snow in Britain, that the Arctic would be ice free by 2012, that Perth would be a ghost metropolis and all Australian cities needed plants to produce water from seawater because they would run out of water, etc etc. Whose models run hot, but they insist they are correct. Shameless.