The anti-liberal Liberal Party purge of conservative candidates

The anti-liberal Liberal Party purge of conservative candidates, by Augusto Zimmermann.

There is a disgraceful purge of conservatives going on in the Liberal Party at the moment. Criticism of political Islam is now completely verboten in the so-called Liberal Party of Australia.

Speaking to journalists, Scott Morrison objectively endorsed the illiberal maneuver of never allowing anyone to say a single word against political Islam.

Nothing can justify the despicable act of terrorism that took place in New Zealand. And yet, the Liberal Party’s ruling elite is attempting to use that tragedy as an excuse to further implement internal censorship that further undermines freedom of speech. …

When Liberal candidates ask the key questions about Islamic terrorism without fear or favour, the party’s ruling elite dismiss these concerns and accuse them of anti-Muslim hatred or bigotry.

The idea that Muslims should be sheltered from criticism of their religion is totally inimical to freedom of speech, which is a cardinal precept of every free and democratic society, and an indispensable shelter against totalitarianism.

However, the ruling illiberal Liberal elite have dumped two good conservative candidates in Victoria and Tasmania precisely because they dared to criticise the undemocratic aspects of a certain totalitarian ideology. …

It also reveals the anti-liberal character of a Prime Minister who refuses to move conservatives (and Christians) like Tony Abbott, Kevin Andrews, Andrew Hastie, Amanda Stoker and Eric Abetz into his leftist cabinet.

If conservatives and classical liberals like myself can see no future with the Liberal Party, there should be actually no future for this party in Australian politics.

It’s basically doomed.