Omar Blames America First

Omar Blames America First, by John Hinderaker.

Ilhan Omar is a familiar type–a leftist who sees everything wrong with the world as America’s fault. We can call this the Noam Chomsky view of history. No one but the American government enjoys any human agency; all others are passive victims of American malice. Like the Chavez/Maduro regime in Venezuela, for example.

In this interview with the far-left Democracy Now!, Omar blames Venezuela’s collapse on sanctions that were imposed by the U.S. government in 2017: …

The Professor Sachs whom Omar refers to is Jeffrey Sachs, an anti-American economist who was interviewed by Democracy Now!, apparently, just before Omar. Sachs suggested that things were mostly fine in Venezuela until August 24, 2017, when the Trump administration imposed sanctions on Maduro’s government. This was the revisionist history with which Omar agreed in her interview. …

Venezuelans were hunting rats to fry for dinner long before President Trump took office. Not because of foreign “imperialism,” but because socialism is an evil system that enriches a few at the top while enslaving, and impoverishing, everyone else.

Is Ilhan Omar really too dim to understand this? Yes, I think she may be. She is an immodest person of modest talents. She knows nothing of economics, nothing of history. One might expect that being rescued from a refugee camp in Kenya and brought to the U.S., where she was housed, fed, educated and given unparalleled opportunities, would make her pro-America. But in today’s Democratic Party, anti-Americanism is the ticket to power. And Ilhan Omar is riding that train as far as it will take her.

Ingrates of the world unite!