Trump announces new Mexican tariffs in response to migrants

Trump announces new Mexican tariffs in response to migrants, by Jill Colvin.

Trump has accused the Mexican government of failing to do enough to halt the flow of Central American migrants who have been flowing to the U.S in search of asylum from countries including El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. And he has been itching to take increasingly radical, headline-grabbing action on the issue, which he sees as critical to his reelection campaign because it energizes his base.

Leadership! This ought to enrage the globalists and their minions. The markets and the Mexicans will act crazy for a while.


Well overdue. An attack on the hip-pocket is always the most powerful weapon.

John Cleese: London Is Not An English City Anymore

John Cleese: London Is Not An English City Anymore. By Paul Joseph Watson.

The actor said that London was the most cosmopolitan city on earth but that it “doesn’t feel English”.

“I had a Californian friend come over two months ago, walk down the King’s Road and say, “Where are all the English people?”

“I mean, I love having different cultures around. But when the parent culture kind of dissipates, you’re left thinking, “Well, what’s going on?”‘ said Cleese.

The Monty Python star’s comments are just a reflection of reality. In London, white British people are a minority and have been for some years.

Over 41% of London’s population is foreign born. London also has the second highest foreign-born population of any city in the world.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan:

These comments make John Cleese sound like he’s in character as Basil Fawlty. Londoners know that our diversity is our greatest strength. We are proudly the English capital, a European city and a global hub.

Steve Sailer:

1960s London was not diverse so therefore it could NOT have had any interesting pop culture.

The Rolling Stones, Carnaby Street fashion, Peter O’Toole and Richard Harris, Led Zeppelin, Tom Stoppard, The Who, Michael Caine, The Kinks, and Monty Python?

But now London has knife/acid attacks! …

Okay, Cleese, sure, London used to have this back in your day:

But London now has this!

Commentary on the new London. Ouch.


There are still pockets of England outside of the major cities …

London is the canary in the Western coal mine.

“The Whites Are Our Misfortune”

“The Whites Are Our Misfortune”, by David Cole.

It occurred to me this week that anti-whiteness is the new anti-Semitism. Not that Jew hatred no longer exists. It does, of course. But the formula’s been tweaked.


See, Jews in olde Europe were seen as black magical. Satanic devils, evil from the moment of conception, eternally cursed for the death of Jesus. Jews could mesmerize you. They could spellbind your virginal women and have their way with them. They drank blood and ate babies; they stirred cauldrons and recited incantations.

During Europe’s darkest periods, Jews were blamed for everything from the plague to crop failures.

By the dawn of the 20th century, anti-Jewish ideology had become “enlightened”…but not by much. The old supernatural ideas still lingered within the new eugenic lingo. The Nazi “intelligentsia” frequently spoke of Jews as devils and demons (Goebbels referred to Jews as the “demons of decay”). They were still corrupters, altering not just the economics of a nation but its very soul, and everything wrong with you and your good Christian family could be placed squarely on their shoulders.

These days, anti-Jewish sentiment in civilized nations (and especially in the U.S.) has largely dropped the superstitious mumbo jumbo for “real world” beefs about Jews’ politics. …

Generally speaking, far-rightists in the U.S. who hate Jews hate them more for their politics than for their identity.


Whites, on the other hand, are totally hated by leftists just for being white. Whites are now hated for the exact same reason Jews were hated in the past: They exist. The parallels between current anti-whiteness and old-timey Jew hatred are strong. Whites are born cursed (white privilege), and they walk the earth to torment the good and the decent. Everything bad that exists today, and everything bad throughout history, has been because of the white menace. Whites are “the source of the world’s ills” (that’s an exact quote from The Guardian, frighteningly similar to the motto on the masthead of Der Stürmer: “Die Juden sind unser Unglück!”—“The Jews are our misfortune!”).

And whites, if not stopped, will kill us all through “climate change,” which is caused by whiteness (yes, “scientists” actually do make that claim).

Ask the average black person about the infamous “Tuskegee experiment,” and most will say, “Whites gave black men syphilis.” That’s untrue. The Tuskegee study, highly unethical though it was, involved white and black medical professionals who allowed blacks to go untreated after they caught syphilis on their own. It was a vile endeavor, but the idea that whites “give” diseases to blacks mirrors the Middle Ages myth that Jews gave whites the plague.

If you’re nonwhite, you get to pin your every problem on whites. Whites made you sick. Whites are why you got fired. Whites are why you robbed that liquor store. Whites are killing you with their evil thoughts, which are sucking the life out of you like the aliens in Lifeforce. The very presence of whites forces women of color to miscarry (I’m not making that up…and this lunatic claim is found not in a Nation of Islam pamphlet, but on “mainstream” news sites). …

In the end, racial superstitions are all about blame-shifting. …

“Whites did this, and they could have stopped it. Their demonic powers caused this tragedy, and they could’ve used their powers to make it right, but they did nothing.” That’s become the standard go-to argument for every angry or grieving nonwhite. …

The author:

As a Jew, I take no pleasure in seeing the “evil demon scapegoat” baton get passed to a new group of people. But as a historian, I do take a certain amount of cynical interest in witnessing the consequences when a society long past its Dark Ages imports millions of immigrants from nations still immersed in theirs.

So enjoy watching history repeat itself. Same script, but recast for today’s young, urban, multicultural market.

Boris the Johnson

Boris the Johnson, by David Sergeant.

Among the morally bankrupt commentariat, the antics of ‘Bonking Boris’ are a source of some amusement. But are Boris’s four affairs really so funny? The hurt done to those that loved him. The two unborn children aborted. …

His current girlfriend, former director of comms at Conservative Campaign Headquarters, Carrie Symonds has quickly become a figurehead for social liberals — a postmaterialist ecowarrior, more concerned with saving turtles in the Bahamas than working-class jobs in Great Britain. One suspects Johnson’s decision to go vegan will not mark the end of Symond’s influence. …

His image as a loveable rouge is intricately crafted to conceal cold calculation … Even his staunchest supporters would not dispute that Boris is willing to alter his politics for personal advantage. …


Nothing illustrates Johnson’s duplicity better than the unpublished article, authored just two days before announcing his decision to campaign for Brexit, in which he argues passionately in favour of remaining in the EU.

The truth is Boris never wanted Brexit. He expected a narrow defeat, after which he could make his pitch as the unity candidate to a disappointed, Eurosceptic membership. That’s why, in contrast to the raw, passionate jubilation of Nigel Farage, Johnson responded to our historic triumph with glum dejection.

Should we really be surprised? This is a man who was raised in Brussels. His father was a Eurocrat, his sister an unsuccessful candidate for EU fanatics, ‘Change UK’ and his Tory MP brother a vocal supporter of a second referendum. …

The case against Johnson:

Reiterating his credentials as the ‘most pro-immigration politician in Britain’, Boris once joked that his only allies were the Green Party. Describing immigration as ‘a wonderful thing’, he pushed amnesty for illegal migrants, whilst chastising those ‘foolish’ enough to oppose Turkey’s entry to the EU. …

Anyone naïve enough to believe Boris is an ally in the battle for Western Civilisation should reflect on his own words: ‘Are we really saying about ourselves and about Europe that it is for ever coterminous with nothing but Christendom? Well, try going to Bradford and saying that’. …

Boris Johnson has lived in a bubble of immense privilege from the moment of his birth in Manhattan. Surely we can do better than yet another multimillionaire, Etonian, Oxbridge, Bullingdon Club boy from a family dynasty that makes the crooked Clintons look like the personification of meritocracy. …

The truth is simple. Boris Johnson isn’t a conservative. He isn’t a man of the people or the champion of grassroots. He’s an internationalist, establishment elite who will say or do anything for personal advantage. Sure, for now that might mean members like what we hear, but let there be no doubt — once elected — Johnson would turn on us in an instant.

Alistair Pope:

Apart from the fact that he deliberately has a permanently bad hair day (to show he is one of the common proles) I particularly noted that he was outlandish in his support for both sides of many issues.

During the 1848 Paris Commune Riots, Talleyrand was reported to have looked down on the fighting from his window and announced to his servant: “I see our side is winning.” The servant looked at the chaos below and asked: “Which side are we on?”, to which Talleyrand answered: “I’ll tell you tomorrow when the battle is over …”

That’s Boris, the ultimate undercover, Orwellian ‘Nowhere Man”. He will say and do whatever is necessary to promote Boris, though his success in doing so depends on the electorate having the memory span of a goldfish, so there is certainly a huge danger they will vote for him to be the next failed PM.

If he does succeed in becoming PM, his term will be short-lived as the Conservatives-in-Name-Only will be wiped out by the BREXITEERS at the next General Election due in 2021.

Unfortunately, the damage will be done, and like our failed politicians, Boris will move to the UN, the EU, or 2IC of North Korea … Wherever he can make money and have power (though not electric power).

Much of the plastic sent for “recycling” is simply dumped in the oceans

Much of the plastic sent for “recycling” is simply dumped in the oceans. By Mikko Paunio.

In 2015, the problem of marine litter climbed to the very top of the list of global environmental problems after a landmark study suggested that there are 100 million tonnes of plastic in the oceans.

Regrettably, the study overlooked the share of the blame that can be put on the recycling industry, which has exported 106 million tonnes of plastic waste to China over the past 20 years or more. A significant proportion of this is thought to have ended up in the oceans.

There is now a global congestion in waste management systems, because China’s decided to close its doors to imported plastic waste. …

Even poor countries have been starting to refuse to take it because, with their poor waste management system, they are unable to cope with what they have taken already, let alone the increased volumes that western exporters would like them to take. Much of this material is ending up in the oceans.

Media/leftist silence:

Green NGOs and politicians are keeping quiet because they fear that their role promoting bad policies in the past will come under scrutiny. The media, however, which has parroted green dogma about recycling for years will struggle to avoid mentioning the problems that the industry is facing in the wake of this UN decision.

Except that it is used as an excuse to take our plastic bags and, in some countries, plastic straws.

Incineration is the solution, converting waste to energy. But, like nuclear energy, it has been unfairly and forever damned by lying lefties with agendas.

The Right Needs to Learn to Win the Little Fights

The Right Needs to Learn to Win the Little Fights, by the Z-Blog.

Farage is a single issue guy, who is first and foremost a politician. He is not a strategist or a political theorist. He is a pitch man, selling a simple idea. Britain needs to get out of the EU and begin functioning like a normal country again. Beyond that, he has no strong opinions on much of anything. In fact, he is willing to embrace the popular side of anything in order to eliminate it as an obstacle. …

He is focused on winning over as many people as he can to his single issue. Politics is a sales game, where the salesman is always trying to figure out the needs and motivations of the voter. His politics, therefore, have to be flexible enough to fit many situations. The good salesman removes all of the reasons to say no. He attacks the objections, rather than just pitch the benefits. In politics, the game is to avoid disqualifiers so the voter focuses only on the pitch.

That’s why Farage’s new party won big, while Carl Benjamin, Sargon of Akkad, and UKIP were humiliated at the pols. Farage is a likable guy, who avoids taking controversial positions on inconsequential issues. He maintains his focus on the one issue that matters to him, Brexit. …

What we saw in Britain is a good example of why outsider politics remains on the fringe. Ideologues can’t understand why candidates don’t run as ideologues, refusing to compromise on anything. The alt-right guys want candidates to run as open and avowed racists. In the case of Farage, they wanted him to talk about the Paki rape gangs and knife wielding Muslims, rather than his main issue. They simply don’t get why valiantly losing is a bad idea, so they criticize guys like Farage.

It’s also why the Left has been so wildly successful, compared to their numbers. It has been popular for generations to accuse liberals of being unrealistic dreamers, but in reality they operate like cold blooded pragmatists. They win every small fight so it makes it easier to win the next small fight. …

Farage winning the election is a small victory, but that’s what it takes to change the culture, winning the small battles. It is the cumulative effect of changing a mind here and a mind there, of normalizing a bit our stuff here and anathematizing some of the orthodoxy over there. It’s messy and boring, which is why ideologues don’t like it, but it is the only way dissident politics can change the culture and eventually change politics. What our side needs is more guys like Farage and fewer rigid ideologues scolding him.

Why God is a He

Why God is a He. In our feminized and rapidly de-Christianizing world, I’d never heard the case for why God is depicted as male. Only the feminist complaints. It turns out to be quite a substantial reason, and obvious in retrospect.

Jessikka Aro takes fight to Russian trolls over fake news and death threats

Jessikka Aro takes fight to Russian trolls over fake news and death threats, by Hilary Rose.

For Jessikka Aro, a good day at work is one without death threats.

Aro is the Finnish journalist who exposed the breadth and scale of the fake news coming out of a single Russian troll factory in St Petersburg. Suffice to say, the trolls were not pleased. Pretty much overnight the woman who exposed the crime became the victim. Now she’s taking the fight to the trolls. …

“I receive death threats. Even some of my own friends have sent me death threats because they read the fake news that is written about me. They mock me and smear me. I’ve reported two of my friends to the police.

“My mother and my sister have become targets and have had to take serious security precautions. I fear for my life, which is part of the reason for this harassment and criminal activity. They want me to stop reporting on this.” …

It started four years ago when Aro broadcast her first investigation into the troll factory on Finnish state TV and published articles in English, Finnish and Russian.

Building on earlier investigations by Russian journalists, Aro led the first Western film crew to find evidence that the innocuous-sounding Internet Research Agency was a branch of the Russian state. …

The building known as the “troll factory” in St Petersburg.

The organisation was funded by one of President Vladimir Putin’s associates, Yevgeny Prigozhin, a businessman and restaurateur from St Petersburg known as “Putin’s chef”, who has since been indicted by the US for alleged interference in the 2016 US presidential elections. Between 300 and 400 people worked there, pumping out abuse and fake news around the clock. …

The aim, says Aro, was to shut down negative debate, sow doubt about where the truth lay and intimidate anti-Russian voices online. It worked.

“So many people told me they stopped discussing Russia-related issues online because they became the target of trolls and death threats.

“We know from leaked strategy papers that the entire aim of this campaign of disinformation was to twist the debate and make online comment more pro-Russian. Some people told me they left social media completely because they couldn’t deal with the abuse any more.” …

Aro, 38, knew how they felt. Social media and the web were now awash with conspiracy theories about her and stories mocking her articles and credentials as a journalist.

She was, it was claimed, variously in the pay of the CIA, Finnish security services and NATO. She was an American propagandist conducting information warfare against law-abiding Finnish citizens. She was a threat to Finnish national security. She was denounced as a drug user, a drug dealer, a brain-damaged whore, or a combination of all three. …

“It was when my former friend commented on Facebook that I used to be a normal person but had turned into a shit that I realised the power of fake news and how serious this brainwashing is.”

It was sufficiently serious that she felt compelled to leave her home in Helsinki and move abroad for a couple of years. …

“This has nothing to do with freedom of speech,” says Aro. “This is not normal political ­discussion. Saying ‘Jessikka is a crack whore who needs to be killed’ is a crime in many different countries.” …

The politics goes to the top:

In January Aro was informed by the US State Department that she was to receive an International Women of Courage award. It was to be presented to her by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and first lady Melania Trump.

A few weeks later the award was mysteriously rescinded, with the State Department citing a “regrettable error”. Aro suspects that someone in Washington, DC, realised she had been critical of US President Donald Trump on social media or didn’t like her raising the issue of Russian trolls, given the role they were found to have had in influencing his election. Either way, Aro didn’t get the award and is carrying on with her work despite the abuse.

Boris Johnson to face court over Brexit comments

Boris Johnson to face court over Brexit comments, by Jacquelin Magnay.

Boris Johnson, the prominent Conservative party leadership contender, has been summoned to court to face misconduct allegations he lied about the European Union costing the country £350 million a week.

If found guilty, the maximum penalty is life imprisonment, but Mr Johnson’s supporters say the private prosecution is a desperate attempt and political witch hunt to try and stop Brexit. …

The allegations against Mr Johnson centre around a period he was campaigning for the 2016 Brexit referendum while he was still Mayor of London. Crowdfunder Marcus Ball, 29, initiated the civil case against Mr Johnson, accusing him of lying and engaging in gross criminal conduct while being in public office. …

Mr Johnson and Vote Leave campaigners quoted the £350 million a week claim from the Office of National Statistics’ “pink book” of tables. The ONS listed total debits to the EU in 2014 as £19.1 billion for 2014, or £367 million per week. But this figure doesn’t include rebates of around £4.4 billion.

Political observers said if Mr Ball’s case was successful it could open a floodgates of private claims against other officials including the Bank of England, which forecast higher interest rates if Brexit happened and Remainer George Osborne’s claim that Brexit would cost each household £4300 a year.

Another Brexiteer Jacob Rees Mogg said courts influencing political issues occurred in totalitarian regimes.

He added: “The issues of free speech totally overwhelm this bogus case … the law and politics need to be separate.”

The law traditionally doesn’t get involved in cases like this because the courts then increasingly become arbitrators of truth in general, which is beyond their ability. For many topics, the realms of politics and of science are more appropriate. Finding some truths is a very expensive business, taking decades or centuries of experience (e.g. communism versus capitalism) or concerted efforts by thousands of the best trained minds working for many years or decades (e.g. evolutionary theory still has huge unsatisfactory holes).

This is indeed an unwelcome development for a free society. Because the left control the bureaucracy and most courts, selective enforcement will ensure that only statements deemed untrue by the left will be prosecuted. It will be yet another mechanism for enforcing political correctness.

Amid heightened tensions on college campuses, well-established scientific ideas are suddenly meeting with stiff political resistance

Amid heightened tensions on college campuses, well-established scientific ideas are suddenly meeting with stiff political resistance. By Luana Maroja.

I have taught evolution and genetics at Williams College for about a decade. For most of that time, the only complaints I got from students were about grades. But that all changed after Donald Trump’s election as president. At that moment, political tensions were running high on our campus. And well-established scientific ideas that I’d been teaching for years suddenly met with stiff ideological resistance.

The trouble began when we discussed the notion of heritability as it applies to human intelligence. (Heritability is the degree to which offspring genetically resemble their parents; the concept can apply not only to physical traits, but also to behavioral ones.) In a classroom discussion, I noted that researchers have measured a large average difference in IQ between the inhabitants of the United States and those of my home country, Brazil. I challenged the supposed intelligence differential between Americans and Brazilians. I asked students to think about the limitations of the data, which do not control for environmental differences, and explained that the raw numbers say nothing about whether observed differences are indeed “inborn” — that is, genetic.

Now the left increasingly deny biology too.

There is, of course, a long history of charlatans who have cited dubious “science” as proof that certain racial and ethnic groups are genetically superior to others. My approach has been to teach students how to see through those efforts, by explaining how scientists understand heritability today, and by discussing how to interpret intelligence data — and how not to.

In class, though, some students argued instead that it is impossible to measure IQ in the first place, that IQ tests were invented to ostracize minority groups, or that IQ is not heritable at all.

None of these arguments is true. In fact, IQ can certainly be measured, and it has some predictive value. While the score may not reflect satisfaction in life, it does correlate with academic success. And while IQ is very highly influenced by environmental differences, it also has a substantial heritable component; about 50 percent of the variation in measured intelligence among individuals in a population is based on variation in their genes. Even so, some students, without any evidence, started to deny the existence of heritability as a biological phenomenon.

Similar biological denialism exists about nearly any observed difference between human groups, including those between males and females. Unfortunately, students push back against these phenomena not by using scientific arguments, but by employing an a priori moral commitment to equality, anti-racism, and anti-sexism. They resort to denialism to protect themselves from having to confront a worldview they reject — that certain differences between groups may be based partly on biology.

Classic politically correct fantasy versus reality. (1/2 for today.)

Taylor Swift just proved my point about feminism’s harm on millennials

Taylor Swift just proved my point about feminism’s harm on millennials, by Suzanne Venker.

[In a recent interview] Taylor Swift gave on a promotional tour in … a German reporter asks Swift if she has children or family on her mind since she turns 30 this year.

A quick caveat: I feel compelled to write that this question shouldn’t be asked of any woman, as it’s no one’s business but hers. However, such probing questions by the media are inevitable at that level of fame.

Swift is entitled to dodge the question, which she did. But her reason for not answering it speaks volumes: “I really do not think men are asked that question when they turn 30, so I’m not going to answer that now.

Here’s a newsflash for Swift and other young women who didn’t get the memo: No one asks men that same question because men don’t have a biological clock. Women do.

I know you’ve grown up believing since the day you were born that men and women are, or should be, sexual equals and should thus be treated as identical beings. But sexual equality is a bogus mission (which you will see in time if you ever do have children, for it is then that sex differences become glaringly obvious) because it’s inextricably tethered to a progressive political movement that has no basis in reality. …

Taylor Swift NYFW 2016

I can’t think of any greater proof that women have, in fact, been bamboozled by feminism than this latest comment by Swift.

Women of her generation — and mine, quite frankly (I’m a Generation Xer) — were taught that America is an oppressive patriarchy and that men and marriage (and children) hold women back from being their true selves. But a technological revolution, along with social media, upped the ante for millennials, who were raised to be entitled and self-involved. (The title of Swift’s new single, “Me!”, makes this abundantly clear.) They were also told that uncommitted sex can be harmless fun, that marriage is optional even if you want kids, and that divorce is inevitable for many women because men are Neanderthals.

Classic politically correct fantasy versus reality. (2/2 for today.)

Bill Shorten got hit by a double decker karma bus

Bill Shorten got hit by a double decker karma bus, by Peter Van Onselen.

Bill Shorten’s loss must be personally devastating for him. I’ve heard that his house was half packed up, ready for the move into The Lodge. I know shadow ministers were organising post election briefings with heads of department, as well as lining up new names to take on such roles after the election. Shorten had already planned the timing and agenda of his first cabinet meeting before counting even started. …

Labelling the franking credits policy a “retiree tax” was deeply misleading. It only affected four per cent of retirees. …

Then there was the scare campaign on death duties. Yes some Labor frontbenchers has written about the virtue of inheritance taxes in the past — such as Andrew Leigh during his time in academia. But it wasn’t Labor policy, had been specifically ruled out by Shorten, and the chances of Labor ever changing their minds and introducing death taxes were zero. Yet the scare campaign persisted. …

While I would welcome reforms to ensure truth in political advertising, without them the bottom line is Shorten was hit by a double decker karma bus. Because he launched an equally invalid, misleading and false scare campaign against the government back in 2016. The Mediscare campaign was effective. It almost cost Malcolm Turnbull the election. It certainly reduced his majority. It drew Labor close enough such that Shorten’s campaigning skills were praised and Labor’s performance defied expectations. It meant Anthony Albanese couldn’t challenge the always unpopular Shorten.

What goes around comes around. A Labor scare campaign in 2016 saves Shorten’s leadership and crippled the authority of the then PM in the election’s aftermath. A Liberal scare campaign in 2019 cost Shorten the prime ministership and has sured up Scott Morrison’s authority as PM.

First They Threw Milkshakes

First They Threw Milkshakes, by Jim Goad.

In the grand tradition of primates tossing feces at perceived rivals, leftists in the UK have lately taken to throwing milkshakes at right-leaning figures they hyperbolically refer to as fascists. And as with the multifarious nasty things that they do, they justify it in the name of some “greater good” that they are comically incapable of quantifying or even articulating.

The start:

The trend apparently began early in May when Danyal Mahmud, a 23-year-old Muslim living in England, threw a milkshake in the face of anti-Islamist agitator Tommy Robinson, who was born Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. By Mahmud’s own admission, he had joined a group of leftist protesters in taunting Robinson by chanting that he was “scum” — again, leftists see nothing wrong with dehumanizing others based on the premise that the people they are dehumanizing deserve it because they, um, dehumanize others — before Robinson and some cohorts came over to have a little chat about the prevalence of Muslim grooming gangs in England. Mahmud apparently couldn’t handle the discussion and dumped his shake on Robinson’s head, which immediately led to Mahmud receiving a beating.

Just like a woman who hits her partner and then claims victimhood when he hits back, the man who called Robinson “scum” and assaulted him with a milkshake is now whining that he feels under threat …

It spread:

It wasn’t the last time Robinson would be “milkshaked”—a “protestor” assaulted him with a shake the very next day. …

Next in line for a milkshaking was Carl Benjamin, a UKIP candidate who is best known as the far-right YouTuber Sargon of Akkad. It would be the fourth time he received this treatment and likely not the last. …

The milkshaking trend had metastasized to the point where last week, police in Edinburgh asked a McDonald’s to cease selling milkshakes near where Brexit Party alpha dog Nigel Farage was scheduled to speak. McDonald’s complied, but Farage got milkshaked anyway by a fat, balding, bearded, bespectacled male progressive …

Last week an 81-year-old Brexit Party member was assaulted with a milkshake, as was a reporter for Breitbart UK. …

The media rather think this is a good trend:

For most of my life I’ve witnessed leftists throw eggs and glitter and pies and shoes at people they consider unacceptably “right-wing.”

One thing the leftist press neglected to mention about all those “peaceful anti-racist protesters” in Charlottesville is that they threw urine-and-feces-filled balloons at their perceived ideological opponents and justified it because that’s just what you do to “Nazis.”

Mainstream media outlets such as The New York Times and CNN earnestly attempted to justify “why” this milkshaking trend is happening.

Newsweek paints the phenomenon as harmless “absurdist memetic humor,” while The Guardian, blithely ignoring 100% of reality, argues that the trend “represents a frustration with traditional media’s failure to hold the far right to account.” Why, it’s almost is if the “traditional media” hasn’t portrayed the “far right” as Satan incarnate for at least a generation!

Moves on to bricks:

Milkshaking apologists have also scoffed at the idea that this is a slippery slope and that if we justify tossing milkshakes, soon we’ll justify throwing bricks. Sorry, but this has already happened: Muslim activists recently threw bricks at supporters of Tommy Robinson, while an English woman said that Nigel Farage should have acid lobbed in his face. And just as Burger King appeared to suggest that they supported milkshaking, a British beer manufacturer recently said that its clients shouldn’t waste their beer on “fascists” and should instead clobber them with bricks.

The hypocrisy:

The modern left is so predictable, we all know that even after 100,000 milkshakings, if one intrepid “right-winger” were to respond by knocking out someone’s teeth, this would be all the evidence the left would need to “prove” that the right wing is violent and needs to be exterminated.

Germany Tells Jews What to Wear

Germany Tells Jews What to Wear, by Shaun Walker.

Germany’s government commissioner on antisemitism has suggested Jews should not always wear the traditional kippah cap in public, in the wake of a spike in anti-Jewish attacks.

“I cannot advise Jews to wear the kippah everywhere, all the time, in Germany,” Felix Klein said in an interview published Saturday by the Funke regional press group. The remarks were criticised by the Israeli president as representing a “capitulation” to antisemitism.

In issuing the warning, Klein said he had “alas, changed my mind compared to previously”.

Antisemitic attacks are on the rise in a number of European countries, and a survey of Jewish people across the European Union carried out in December found 89% of Jews feel antisemitism has increased in their country over the past decade, while 85% believed it to be a serious problem. …

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said on Sunday that Klein’s remarks “shocked” him, and while appreciating the German government’s “commitment to the Jewish community,” accused it of bowing to those targeting Jews.

“Fears about the security of German Jews are a capitulation to antisemitism and an admittance that, again, Jews are not safe on German soil,” said Rivlin.

Oddly enough, Muslims seem to have no trepidation or be in danger for wearing Muslim garb. And have no fear of being criticized in the West, or even mildly rebuked.

The German ruling class and the Western media, against the ample evidence, blame it on “right-wing extremists”. Ok, we know who the globalists hate. But might there be another reason?

Islam was established as a religion that preyed on Jews and Christians — plundering their trade caravans, etc. The main Islamic scripture, the Koran, is quite clear about Jews, depicting them as apes and pigs. Muslims are taught very early on that Jews are not to be taken as friends (as well as Christians, but mostly Jews.) The Islamic population of Germany has increased dramatically lately. Coincidence?

Ah, a quote from the German commissioner on antisemitism:

There are several developments. One, of course, is the great influx of refugees and people who came to Germany that were raised and educated in countries that are still in the state of war with Israel, or that have been brought up with certain perceptions of Jews in Israel that are totally unacceptable to a German society. So we’re facing an integration problem. Because, of course, these people do not leave that image of Jews in Israel when they enter Germany. …

We have Palestinians in Germany that have lived here for a long time, and we see that crimes and incidents are also committed at a high percentage by people from that group.

Europe’s first eco-mosque invokes God to fight climate change

Europe’s first eco-mosque invokes God to fight climate change, by Adela Suliman.

Europe’s first green mosque is hoping to harness the power of Islam to tackle climate change, urging Muslims who worship in the British newbuild to do more to protect the planet. …

With recycled rainwater to irrigate the gardens and energy-harvesting heat pumps, the mosque says it produces close to zero carbon emissions and boasts better green credentials than the thousands of other mosques that are scattered across Europe. …

Who paid for it?

The 24-million-pound ($30-million) building, funded largely by the Turkish government, …

From the mosque’s website:

The Cambridge Central Mosque design was inspired both by Islamic and English religious architectural traditions. Above all, we sought to develop the idea of a British mosque for the 21st century: as Abdal Hakim Murad, chairman of the Cambridge Mosque Trust, remarked, “creating a brand new sacred space has been the main challenge, to bring together something that’s very ancient and timeless with the very latest technologies.”

Reader Chris:

Ah Yes. The logic is inescapable and the blending inevitable: the symbiosis of a 7th Century totalitarian authoritarian political philosophy and rigid belief system operating as a green religion, with a 21st Century green religion masquerading as a totalitarian authoritarian political philosophy and rigid belief system.

Allah akbar!

hat-tip Chris

Observations on the Western Australian Senate Result

Observations on the Western Australian Senate Result, by David Archibald.

As at 26th May, this is how the minor parties on the right polled in the Senate for WA in the 2019 election:

There is a quota for one senator in the total. These are people who want more than the slop that the Liberals keep serving up.  But at the moment they will have nobody representing them in parliament.

Most of these parties will fall beside the wayside by the next election. What is going to happen from here?

Read on to find out, at the link.