How Feminism Is Driving The Growing Trend Of Anti-Women Subcultures

How Feminism Is Driving The Growing Trend Of Anti-Women Subcultures, by S.G. Cheah.

My buddy explained how despite persuading his friend against becoming MGTOW, he was still sympathetic to his friend’s excuse for doing so. In his words “Men are disgusted with women in almost every way today and are finding happiness in just cutting them out of their lives.” …

I pressed harder to ask if he could elaborate on exactly what he meant by that. “Look around you. Every girl acts like a dude and has to have more guy friends than her actual boyfriend. Relationships are no longer partnerships. They’re just mutual debauchery based on meaningless sex and fickle mind games. And in most relationships, I see the women being an overbearing * constantly humiliating their dudes.” …

What changed? Why is this happening?

The answer is blatantly clear. Men are losing their reverence for women because feminist ideology promotes the culture of anti-male nihilism through the feminization of men. By extension, it is actively destroying everything that is sacred about women since it robs femininity and masculinity of any meaning.

For instance, when my friend mentioned his observation of wives and girlfriends humiliating their partners, this is, in essence, a reflection of the larger cultural trend where women are encouraged to emasculate men.

The feminist war against masculinity:

The culture establishes that the ideal woman is smarter, stronger, better than the men in every way, and you can always depend on her to swoop in and save the day. This trope is apparent in just about any family sitcom, movies, music, and the literature we consume today. Think — the bumbling fool of a dad in contrast to the highly efficient mom. …

It is not a coincidence that feminism brands strong, capable, action-oriented masculinity as toxic because feminism scorn men for being men.

Feminists have killed healthy male desire:

My friend mentioned there was a time when he, along with his group of friends, wanted so many things in regards to their relationship with women — they wanted to build families, raise children and provide a home for the women they love because this is how they could establish a supportive, lasting relationship with her.

Today’s anti-women movement like the MGTOWs is contrary to these natural masculine desires. And it is feminism which most blatantly attempts to annihilate these desires.