Why Islamic terrorists slaughtered Christians in Sri Lanka

Why Islamic terrorists slaughtered Christians in Sri Lanka, by Tarek Fatah.

The globalist spin, that Muslims are always the victims:

The reaction around the world by the media, TV consultants, as well as Canadian and other Western politicians was tepid, if not dismal.

Almost no one dared to mention the word “Christian” let alone identify the terrorists as Muslim or Islamist or whatever safe word they could find in the politically correct dictionary that only the chattering classes employ. Using ordinary plain English to describe the atrocities would of course open one to be labelled “White Nationalist” or “Islamophobe.”

It’s no wonder the trio of America’s living liberal saints, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren all used the phrase, “Easter Worshippers,” instead of Christians. It was almost as if the C word was beneath them.

Others, like Alan Keenan of the International Crisis Group, claimed the real victims of the Sri Lanka attacks could end up being the broader Muslim community targeted in the wake of the attack, irrespective of the fact their co-religionists carried out the blood bath.

There’s the “victim” visible through the doorway, about to let off his bomb


Here are the words of the suicide bomber Mohamed Zaharan from his YouTube channel where he declares: “It is a sin to live in Dar Al Kufr, (a country with a non-Muslim majority)” and “Even if a Kaffir (non-Muslim) does good things, I hate him, because he is a non-believer [in Islam].”

Such hate may not be a dominant trait among ordinary Muslims, but as one, I am aware where such hate is planted in our minds. Seventeen times a day, every Muslim child in every mosque, in every country, hears the Imam read a prayer where both Christians and Jews are referred with derision, yet no one dares to intervene.