White terrorists vs Muslim terrorists

White terrorists vs Muslim terrorists, by Lion of the Blogosphere.

White terrorists, like the guy [in] New Zealand, are always lone wolfs and unmarried losers.

In contrast, Muslim terrorists are part of a network, and they are neither loners nor losers. We see from this article that the Sri Lankan terrorists were well educated and financially well off. They were married. There were two husband-wife suicide bombing teams.

Commenter Rosenkop:

White terrorists are probably mostly mentally ill. Being a terrorist is not socially acceptable in white culture so it is unlikely a white person who wants to be a terrorist will find anyone else who also wants to be a terrorist.

In some Muslim cultures apparently it IS socially acceptable to be a terrorist. Terrorists are seen as heroes and martyrs by some factions of Muslims. So groups of them get together.

How many decades before that truth is allowed to surface in the mainstream media?