The Progressive Dream

The Progressive Dream: A Message From the Future by AOC.

Big on feeling. Gives insight into what they want to happen. But short on reality and truth. Also, short on white people — see the future people of the harmonious saved world, sketched around 6:30. That’s what they think of us!

Charles in Melbourne suggests some helpful translations from Newspeak into English:

At 2’12” AOC says:

Politicians went to bat for fossil fuels and these massive corporations kept digging and mining a drilling and fracking like there was no tomorrow. America became the biggest producer and consumer of oil in the world.


Thanks to a reliable supply of affordable energy, America built the most dynamic and innovative economy on the planet, at the same time as reducing actual air pollution, and cutting CO2 emissions by half.

Around 2’50” when AOC complains about Hurricane Maria destroying Puerto Rico in 2017, the translation could read:

In 2017, Puerto Rico was hit by a the twelfth hurricane since 1899, and the first since 1998. Between 1926 and 1932, FOUR hurricanes hit Puerto Rico.

At 4’40” AOC says,

We also introduced the Federal Jobs Guarantee, a public option including dignified living wages for work.


We created a massive Federal workforce, paying high wages for essentially no productive contribution to the economy.


The biggest problem in the early years was a shortage of labor….


We diverted labor from the productive Private Sector to the Federal Government, building windmills and solar panels, which guaranteed the failure of a hitherto reliable Electricity Grid.


Ileana restored the bijou in Louisiana…


Ileana and her colleagues were paid to tear apart the infrastructure that had been built over decades, using the very same machines sequestered by the New Deal Government.

We trained a new generation of faith-healers and bone-throwing witch-doctors.

AOC 5’43”:

Ileana got restless and tried her hand as a solar-plant engineer for a while, but Ileana eventually made her career in raising the next generation as part of the universal child-care initiative. As it turns out, caring for others is valuable low-carbon work, and we started paying real money to people like teachers, domestic workers and home-help aids.


Ileana worked as an engineer, but learned that her feminine instinct to work with children and the elderly was personally more satisfying, especially because the economic benefits were identical. And besides, the New Deal Elites needed a ready supply of domestic workers, all paid-for by the New Deal Government.

Anyone know how to add subtitles to a video?

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