Leftist Twitter Mob Attacks the ABC

Leftist Twitter Mob Attacks the ABC, by Michael Rowland. Just as the ABC pushes and cajoles most Australians into seeing things from a more leftist perspective, the ABC has a flea on its back pushing it left — the Twitter mob.

Nine Network political editor Chris Uhlmann describes it as one of life’s little joys.

He’ll post a tweet on federal politics, wait for the notifications of replies to build up on his phone’s home screen, then bulk delete all of them without reading a single word.

“If I spend even a minute bothered by an abusive tweet, they win. If I don’t engage and they spend all day getting worked up about it, then I win,” he said. …

Chris Uhlmann

Further left and more vicious than the ABC:

“Twitter is a peanut gallery of hyper-partisan tools,” Uhlmann laments.

And, according to many veteran political journalists, this Twitter “feedback” is getting much more vicious. …

Personally speaking, I have noticed a huge increase in abuse and petty name-calling since the election campaign began.

The free character references I’ve received have often been quite inventive. …

The fury of the left:

While the hyper-partisans are alert to any perceived “bias”, Uhlmann believes one side is way more offensive than the other.

While one of the memes of the early 21st century is the rise of the aggressive right, the emergence of what I would call the “post-Christian left” is much more of a worry,” he said.

“They are the moralisers-in-chief and can be absolutely vicious.”

The ABC’s 7.30 presenter Leigh Sales has said she is constantly amazed by the level of far-left bias and abuse on Twitter towards ABC journalists.

The amazing thing is, Chris Uhlmann says it has become very vicious, but it’s lefty aggression that’s worst. Despite being safely ensconced in Labor royalty and being reliably left, Uhlmann’s career at the ABC keeps getting derailed by his recurring crime of noticing that not all the leftist fantasies are 100% correct.

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