Ban on ‘white males’ speaking suggested at Melbourne University seminar

Ban on ‘white males’ speaking suggested at Melbourne University seminar, by Reny Varga.

Tensions have flared at the University of Melbourne after a workshop suggested “white males” and those who look like “Liberal voters” be forbidden from speaking during classes in a bid to dismantle privilege.

Participating students at the “How privilege manifests in tutorials” workshop held last week were told that “white, male students” and “students resembling Liberal voters” should be discouraged from speaking to provide more space for women and non-binary people to contribute to discussions during tutorials.

The workshop was part of the university’s “Radical Education Week”, which is organised by the University of Melbourne Student Union’s Environment ­Collective. …

The student union funded the series of workshops through the Student Services and Amenities Fee, a mandatory annual fee paid by full-time students to fund student support services as well as societies and the university magazine.

No racism at Melbourne University, move along, nothing to see here.