Too Many on the Right Have Internalized the Left’s Propaganda

Too Many on the Right Have Internalized the Left’s Propaganda, by the Z-Blog.

Those who have tried to engage with hardcore civic nationalists or evangelical patriots will have experienced a strange phenomenon where they appear to be strangely blind to certain topics. For example, the story about the black seeking out and throwing a white child over a third floor railing at the Mall of America. These super-normies respond to it by blaming communism or democrats. It’s as if the facts cause their code to reboot and they start repeating whatever they saw on Sean Hannity the prior evening.

If you press them on the obvious racial angle, they get flustered and either change the subject or break into a different chant about how America is an idea. It’s an odd thing that suggests these people have some sort of shunt in their consciousness that prevents them from seeing certain aspects of life. It’s not just a matter of self-censorship in order to avoid taboo subjects. Something seems to have been altered in their brains that prevents them from seeing anything that contradicts the colorblind fantasy.

It is an important fact for dissidents to accept. A lifetime of conditioning, perhaps generations of conditioning, have made it impossible for some people to ever look up and see the great divide, much less cross over to this side. Part of it is the normal desire of most humans to belong to the pack. To stand outside the main, with regards to biology, is a dangerous place. It is a form of self-exile. Naturally, most people would not choose it, even if it meant degrading themselves by repeating what they know to be untrue.

For others, the blank slate, egalitarian creed is a religion now. It is what defines them

Outside of the grifters and hard cases, the inability to break free from the conditioning is something you see all over the legacy Right. Browse through the fashionably intellectual site Quillette and you see the same phenomenon. If you want to get a sense of what it was like for alchemists trying to turn base metals into gold, read some of the people from the intellectual dark web. They are working their fingers raw trying to create an alternative to Progressivism that accepts all of the left-wing assumptions about the human condition.

Shortly after posting this, the Z-Blog had its account suspended. By whom? Doesn’t say. The left is shutting down dissident voices all over the web, no matter how rational, polite, or well-argued. It’s like watching the descent of the Dark Ages, or a communist or Muslim takeover.

UPDATE: The Z-Blog is back. No mention of why the account was suspended.