Islamic State supporters celebrate Sri Lanka suicide bombings as ‘revenge’ for NZ mosque massacre

Islamic State supporters celebrate Sri Lanka suicide bombings as ‘revenge’ for NZ mosque massacre, by Marnie O’Neill.

Islamic State may be preparing to take credit for the Easter Sunday suicide bombings in Sri Lanka that have left at least 290 dead and around 500 injured, a terrorism expert has warned.

No group has officially claimed responsibility for the blasts, which ripped through three churches, four luxury hotels and a unit block in Colombo. Scores more died in attacks in Negombo and Kochchikade, north of the capital, and Batticaloa in the island nation’s east.

SITE Intelligence Group director Rita Katz says IS supporters have boasted on social media Colombo was revenge for the Christchurch mosque massacre and the US-backed military campaign in Syria.

Meanwhile our ABC News makes no mention of Muslims and says it does not know who is responsible for the attacks. The silence was deafening, so we figured it must have been the religion of peace.

The double standard is outstanding. Always pro-Muslim and anti-Christian, no matter what vile things the religion of peace gets up to. Always slanting the news. Almost time for Ramadan bombathon again –now up to 34,891 terror attacks which have killed at least one person in the name of Islam since 9/11.

In the same vein, Andrew Bolt notes the tweets of Green’s leader Robert Di Natale:

Andrew asks:

Muslim targets are Muslims. Christian targets are “people”. Why?

The modern elite cannot bring themselves to even say the word “Christian”. They refuse to acknowledge that under their watch Christians are the most persecuted religion on Earth — persecuted mainly by their favored “religion of peace”!