Labor’s troops scent blood but socialism isn’t inevitable

Labor’s troops scent blood but socialism isn’t inevitable, by Katrina Grace Kelly.

Those in our labour movement cannot wait to take power and turn Australia into a very different place. For many the win is so certain, they’ve taken power already.

If you ask a Labor activist, they will say the system is broken, and under Labor rule much higher taxes will deliver a fair go for all and make our country so much better. Again, hard not to laugh. …

Union malcontents unite:

Whatever the industry or workplace, malcontents cluster together, and their negative presence is bothersome for all. Perhaps their grievances are real and the result of poor treatment, perhaps they are not, but poor management allows these pockets of discontent to form and stay, and hopeless managers allow them to virtually run the company.

From afar, union officials guide and support these people, helping them agitate and sabotage the business that pays their wages. Their jobs are viewed as their entitlements to claim, and the employer is viewed as oblig­ated to provide these jobs and make them as highly paid as possible.

These attitudes towards the workplace translate to wider society. Government, like employers, is here to solve every problem. …

Is a Shorten Labor Government inevitable?

Please don’t get me wrong — on May 18, I think the Coalition deserves to lose. The thought of punishing its dysfunction and broken promises has tempted me for ages.

However, when Labor laid out its unpalatable feast, my appetite disappeared. I don’t want to pay the plethora of extra taxes a Labor government is going to inflict on me, and no doubt I am not alone in my feelings. So despite everything, if Scott Morrison shines the light on Labor’s rotten offerings, this election is very winnable.

Remember that the labour movement established the  Labor Party in the 1890s as their political arm. The unions still own the Australian Labor Party. For instance, in every preselection for a Labor candidate the unions automatically have 50% of the vote.