World IQ 82

World IQ 82, by James Thompson. Check out Japan!

David Becker has released a new version of the World’s IQ. Each country has a score showing the cognitive abilities of their citizens… The world’s global score is 82. …

If countries really differ in intelligence, that will show in the way they conduct themselves. Some countries will do forward planning, and others will do less. Some will conduct regular censuses and surveys, and others won’t. Some countries may have people who are more willing to cheat than other countries. …

Country IQs may explain how that country conducts its affairs. Intellectual assessments ought to have explanatory value, thus leading to greater wealth, and discrepancies need to be investigated and explained. Two main sources of economic discrepancy are tourism and natural resources: the presence of either can inflate economies which lack human capital.

The trend is down. Why? Populations are burgeoning in the dumbest countries, but dwindling in the smarter countries. Big government policies encourage smarter women to have careers rather than kids, while dumber woman are subsidized to have kids. The left increasingly imports new voters en masse to the West from dumber countries. It’s hardly rocket science.

A productive, high-trust society requires most of its citizens to have IQs above a certain threshold. How long before democracy will not be sustainable in the West?