Electric cars are already causing some grid failures in Australia

Electric cars are already causing some grid failures in Australia, by Robert Gottliebsen.

It’s a crisis that has been concealed from the vast majority of the population …

The danger really came home to me when I met up with an affluent, long-time Melbourne acquaintance who lives in a street where there are six Tesla cars. When they all try to charge their batteries at the same time, the power goes out in the street because the grid fails. Sometimes it fails when only three or four of them try to charge at the same time. …

Tesla Model X

Nice and shiny, eh? Our electricity grid cannot cope now with a few electric cars, let alone in a decade when it runs off windmills and solar.

Joanne Nova:

EV ownership in Australia is only 1 car in 4,000 of all our cars on the road. Yet already they are causing streets to go black, and possibly blowing transformers which need replacing “more often”.

Australians only own 5,000 EV’s at present. Imagine the fun when 500,000 new EV’s hit the streets in 2030, and again in 2031, 2032,….

The carbon dioxide theory of global warming is due to an error in the climate models made in the 1960s. Warming since 1940 is due to the Sun, and will recede soon. The climate models run much too hot. They predict several degrees of warming by the end of this century — as if.

Why not to just continue to use cheap clean brown coal for the next hundred years or whatever, until we develop fusion power?


Leave the grid as is, and use all the spare money for medical research and holidays in the Bahamas.