Trump Coup Criminals Waged War on US

Trump Coup Criminals Waged War on US, by Alex Newman.

Journalist Alex Newman says the case against President Trump has proven to be an elaborate treasonous hoax and now is the time for consequences. Newman explains:

“The time to prove this is finished. Everybody now knows this was a giant hoax.

“If this would have happened in any other country, imagine a coup against Angela Merkel where senior officials conspired to make up stuff and overthrow her government. Imagine this against Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron or the President of Mexico.

“In any one of those countries, all the coup plotters, all the traitors would have been rounded up, arrested and put on trial.

“Even the people realize this was a hoax, and not just a hoax because a hoax implies something funny or playful–this was a plot. This was a conspiracy to overthrow the democratically elected President of the United States and overthrow our constitutional system of government using criminal means to wage war on the United States.”

If not for the Internet, how we would have ever known that:

  • The Trump-is-a-Russian-spy , or at least in cahoots with Putin to steal the 2016 US election, was all Democrat hoax cut from whole cloth.
  • The carbon dioxide theory of global warming contradicts the available empirical evidence, temperatures have risen much more slowly than the climate models predicted, and the warming of the last 50 years coincides with an historical active Sun.

If you just listen to the mainstream media, both of those propositions would seem like fact, ‘cos everyone allowed on the media agrees, right? The media has been exposed as blatantly lying on the first, and will be on the second when carbon dioxide keeps on rising and temperatures don’t.

How many other things we know are just media fictions? Whose interests do these fictions suit?