Dysgenic fertility, the biggest problem facing mankind

Dysgenic fertility, the biggest problem facing mankind, by Lion of the Blogosphere.

While liberals go crazy about catastrophic global warming, which is fake science, the real catastrophe for mankind will be dysgenic fertility.

(1) Global IQ is falling because people with higher IQs have fewer children. How long before our average intelligence becomes too low to maintain our technology, and everything falls apart?

(2) Beta-male genes are being culled. I think this is an even bigger problem than declining IQ, because it’s happening more quickly. When society moves from system of monogamous marriage to single motherhood, what happens is that a disproportionate number of children are fathered by alpha-males. Despite the worship of alphaness in some parts of the non-establishment right, civilization is built by beta males and not by alpha males. Beta males create value, alpha males are value transferors. …

Western countries, where the trend it to allow out-of-control immigration from lower-IQ countries, will probably collapse within a century.

Wency adds another major factor:

The other dysgenic factor, not to be ignored, is “relaxed selection” enabled by modern healthcare.

All sorts of kids who would have died as sickly infants are now able to survive and reproduce. Overall, I think this is a good thing. But poor infant health is correlated with high mutational load and low IQ. ….

Technological progress has slowed and continues to slow, as problems become harder to solve while the resources available to solve them are diminishing (due to both dysgenics and institutional breakdown, e.g. the SJWification of universities).

Dan follows the implications, with a wry observation for the left:

The fertility of Germans and South Koreans is something on the order of 1 child per woman. The fertility of many Sub Saharan Africans is something like 6 children per woman.

This leads to a shift in the relative proportion of the highest IQ populations versus the lowest IQ populations of a factor of 36 in sixty years (2 generations), or 216 in 90 years (3 generations).

You need concentrations of bright people and network effects to achieve the incredible technological advances we have seen. Bright people in a sea of dullards don’t have the ecosystem for technological advance.

The equalist left may win political power in the West but they will be sorry they did. Their prize may be to preside over decline that they cannot stop.

What if Trump now presides over THE civilizational peak? If this is the civilizational peak, and if the modern civilization is the highest civilization that is reached, and if (as SETI indicates so far) we are alone in the universe, then we have the likely situation that Donald Trump stands atop the peak of civilization of all of time and space. Maybe those who called him God Emperor Trump were on to something.