Mueller report into collusion a stunning victory for Donald Trump

Mueller report into collusion a stunning victory for Donald Trump, by Cameron Stewart.

The summary of the Mueller report issued today by Attorney General William Barr clears the president and his aides of any collusion with Russia and says there is no legal case to support obstruction of justice charges against him. …

No more trumped-up speculation on US TV about the President being led away in handcuffs.

It is a devastating defeat for the Democrats and for much of the US media who had hoped, prayed and frankly expected that Mueller would somehow find a silver bullet to end or at least cripple Trump’s presidency.

The fact that Mueller did not find such evidence is a failure of their expectations, rather than any shortcomings by Mueller who appears to have been the lone person in this whole affair to have conducted himself with professional dignity.

The Democrats invested far too much hope in the snippets of anecdotes which they — aided by liberal networks like CNN and MSNBC — conflated into what they said were obvious examples of collusion and obstruction.

Three big takeaways from Mueller’s report:

Firstly Mueller found Russia was actively and comprehensively trying to interfere in the 2016 US election. Russia wanted Trump to win and Hillary Clinton to lose. This is no surprise, but Mueller’s work has exposed the Russian groups that carried it out and issued several dozen indictments against those people involved. US national security is better off for this aspect of Mueller‘s investigation.

Secondly, and crucially, Mueller found that neither Trump and his team aided or co-operated with this criminal effort by Moscow. This supports the public evidence that was available and ends speculation that there was other evidence out of the public view which Mueller would somehow find.

Thirdly, Mueller draws no conclusions on the issue of obstruction of justice, saying he did not find enough evidence to sustain such a charge but specifically adding that he did not exonerate Trump. Barr has examined Mueller’s evidence and says the Justice Department will not pursue charges.

So, no grounds for impeachment from Mueller.

Glenn Reynolds:

I suspect it’s going to turn out that Trump was doing more than tweeting throughout all this, and that it reflected a strategy that has now paid off. But Republicans — including NeverTrumpers still capable of some degree of rationality, if such exist — should ask themselves what other Republican candidate in 2016 could have withstood this sort of assault. As with the Kavanaugh character assassination attempts, I think the answer will be damn few. Maybe Ted Cruz, but nobody else really comes to mind. And, say, Mitt Romney? It is to laugh. We got Trump because of a media/political environment that only Trump could survive and flourish in.

And note that the past week has been a bad one for Trump’s enemies in general: Higher education is facing its biggest scandal ever, the SPLC is folding, the Democrats are split over anti-semitism and more or less open Marxism. . . . Stay tuned. It’s going to get interesting.

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