How A Progressive Government Will ‘Disappear’ America

How A Progressive Government Will ‘Disappear’ America by Dr. Ileana  Johnson Paugh (Canada Free Press)

Ileana Johnson Paugh

Ed Note: Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, who bills herself as a “Romanian Conservative”, knocks it out of the park with the editorial package she pens below:

It is interesting to note that, the more that is penned on the subject, the more skepticism prevails, the messenger becoming a Cassandra. The Greek mythological Cassandra was cursed to voice prophecies that were true, but her prophecies were not believed.

As evidence, Dr. Johnson Paugh sites this youtube video by Katie Hopkins – another “Casandra” of the UK:

Katie Hopkins warned  (“America Needs to Wake Up” – video link is 2:12 seconds), Americans about the dangers of unrestricted Islamic immigration and described in frank detail how it has affected the U.K. and Europe, contributing to a social decline and an inimical atmosphere. Thanks to Barack Obama’s eight-year islamophillic presidency, unrestricted immigration has spread to the United States.

And another brilliant tome written by Douglas Murray – yet another “Casandra” of the UK:

Douglas Murray’s “The Strange Death of Europe.”

Douglas Murray explained that Europe has been afflicted by a fatal disease that is impossible to cure.

“As a result, by the end of the lifespans of most people currently alive Europe will not be Europe and the peoples of Europe will have lost the only place in the world we had to call home,” said Murray.

Dr. IJP opines – The Mainstream Media, their acolytes and financial contributors; succinctly exposed:

The politicians and corporatist billionaires have decided that our civilization is passé and must be replaced by fresh blood from the third world—easily duped and manipulated.

The UN, the supposedly neutral NGOs and the continuing influence of their Agenda 21:

The U.N., with help from its affiliated NGOs (non-governmental organizations) aims to dictate population control and birth, diversity, border erasure, education, immigration, business, transportation, commerce, energy consumption, private property, housing, food production, water use, and healthcare.

For decades, they have chipped at our lives bit by bit, making incremental progress at local, state, and federal levels via their 1992 U.N. Agenda 21 now morphed into Agenda 2030. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s New Green Deal is not new, it is not green, and it is not a deal. It is a derivative U.N. Agenda 2030 on steroids.

The Elites (our “betters”) have “plans” for the rest of us:
Ed Note: Does anyone see the hand of George Soros, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg and other billionaires at work here?

Their plan is that each country is meant to become a “home for the entire world,” no borders, endless welfare, all controlled by the United Nations and the billionaire elites who hold the purse strings of each former government.

The tactic is to discourage the dream of a free and truly open society by tarnishing, obfuscating and simply lying about our forbearers intentions.  As Orwell said:  “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.”

(the) American people seem to have lost faith in their own beliefs, traditions, and argue against their historical legitimacy to exist, an “existential tiredness,” or as my wise grandmother used to say, being tired of the good life and having democracy gone to their heads.

Dr. IJP then describes and lists her 11 bullet points of why immigration continues and has been justified:

We’ve heard many justifications as to why we are importing so many immigrants who refuse to assimilate and change the face and future of many countries:

We have an ageing population
Diversity is important
Immigration cannot be stopped
This is not who we are as a country
The downtrodden are flooding the West for a better life
Illegals come
It is very easy to deceive the authorities
The borderless world agenda

Destroying free speech
Europeans still believe that a core culture can be maintained

Douglas Murray she adds, states that:

They are here, there is nothing we can do about it
“The tyranny of guilt”

“If free countries have to have unsightly security controls, why don’t they have them around the national borders rather than around every single thing inside those borders?” (Murray, p. 333)

In conclusion, Dr. IJP states and quotes T.S. Eliot:

And academia has filled the heads of their students with pipe dreams of Marxism and communism, where everyone’s problems will be solved by the benevolent government.

As T.S. Elliott said, “dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good” and nobody will have to ever work if they don’t want to.

Overall, a brilliant package that tidily sums up where the Left is directing Western societies.

The only thing we must ask ourselves now is: Will we let them and  what can we do to stop them?