Journalist Accuses Twitter of Testing More Extreme ‘Shadowban’ Technique on His Account

Journalist Accuses Twitter of Testing More Extreme ‘Shadowban’ Technique on His Account  by Charlie Nash (Breitbart News)

What is a Shadow Ban?:

From Wikipedia:

Shadow banning is the act of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from an online community, such that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned.

By making a user’s contributions invisible or less prominent to other members of the service, the hope may be that in the absence of reactions to their comments, the problematic or otherwise out-of-favour user will become bored or frustrated and leave the site.

For those not familiar, the major “Social Media” platforms like Twitter, Facebook and others have admitted to using their technological expertise to hide articles and information that THEY deem inappropriate for a variety of nebulous reasons.

Twitter admitted on Monday to “removing” a post from Federalist co-founder Sean Davis, but the journalist claims the platform actually shadowbanned, or hid the content from other users.

Then, on Monday, Davis published a follow-up post containing an email Twitter had sent to him which he says admits that the post had been shadowbanned.

MORE RUBBISH!: These platforms keep beheading videos, anti Semitic websites, videos and links. All manner of what most of us would consider inappropriate, but REMOVE conservative opinion? Absolutely and usually under the auspices of “hate speech”.

“Our priority is to keep people safe on Twitter. As part of that work, we err on the side of protecting people and sometimes mistakenly remove content that doesn’t break our rules,” claimed Twitter. “When those mistakes happen, we work quickly to fix them. We have corrected the issue.”

It cannot be emphasized, nor repeated enough. The LEFT around the world uses George Orwell’s “1984” along with Saul Alinsky’s, “Rules for Radicals” as their playbook.

“Twitter gave me no notice or explanation when it shadowbanned one of my Tweets about Russian interference in our elections,” he continued. “But what’s worse is how Twitter apparently gives its users the fraudulent impression that their tweets, which Twitter secretly bans, are still public.”

With the advent of the importance of Social Media Platforms – can future elections be skewed? You bet!:  The quote below is from the article, Did social media influence the U.S. election?”. by Vivian Michaels at (Endgadget). Endgadget reports on technology stories and issues. Michaels concludes:

Social media has become a major political tool these days. This is because it is able to find people anywhere they are at that particular moment. Additionally, social media influences peoples’ decisions because of the numerous sharing and liking of posts. Posts that receive a lot of sharing are in most cases more entertaining, interesting and engaging than the posts not shared. Undoubtedly, social media sites played a role in this year’s political process because they allow sharing and liking. This isn’t a good thing because influencers used the platform to spread and share falsehoods. The results can be one sided if one political divide shares more fake and misleading news than others.

One blogger from the lead article,  (BBrianL) remarked:

If people don’t see that we’re in a war for the survival of our Constitutional Republic they’re either willfully blind or stupid. It’s only going to get worse the closer we get to the election. The enemies of freedom in this country are legion led by the progressive left and their accomplices in the media and Congress (both parties).

Well said.