ScoMo’s Had Enough – No More Free Speech

ScoMo’s Had Enough – No More Free Speech by Augusto Zimmerman (The UnShackled)

Augusto Zimmerman

h/t Stephen Neil

Ed Note: I’m subtitling this article as :

“The Blunder Down Under”.

Zimmerman notes:

Within minutes of the terrible tragedy, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a public statement, asserting that this man massacred worshippers in an act of “an extremist right-wing violent terrorism”.

Zimmerman corrects the record:

I was deeply troubled by the words employed by the Prime Minister as it could incite violence against so called right wingers. As it turns out, it appears that the terrorist who killed 50 Muslims at the mosques in New Zealand is not even a right winger.

Reality Bites: In his “manifesto”, the Murderer stated:

he is a self-described “anarchist” and a “radical environmentalist”.  In his own “manifesto”, the terrorist gunman explicitly stated that he wanted “no part of” conservatism. He also described himself as an “eco-fascist” and an admirer of Communist China.

The Mainstream Media of course failed to note:

In answering the question: “Were you a supporter of Donald Trump?”, he replied: “Dear god no.”

Giovani Genitile was the self styled “philosopher of fascism”, Mussolini’s spirit guide in forming his dictatorial, fascist government. In essence, fascism’s roots are all a directly dictatorial offshoot of Karl Marx’s socialist ideology:

Fascism was first established in Italy after the World War I. Its creator, Benito Mussolini, was the son of an anarchist father and a Marxist mother. In 1912, he became ‘one of the most effective and widely read socialist journalists in Europe’. In that year Mussolini was appointed the head of the Socialist Party opposing ‘bourgeois’ parliaments and proposing that Italian socialism should be thoroughly Marxist. ‘Marx’, wrote Mussolini, ‘is the father and teacher … he is the magnificent philosopher of working-class violence’. On the eve of World War II, he predicted: ‘With the unleashing of a mighty clash of peoples, the bourgeoisie is playing its last card and calls forth on the world scene that which Karl Marx called the sixth great power: the socialist revolution’.

Kudos to Zimmerman:

This should dissipate once and for all the false assumption that fascism is a right-wing extremist ideology. It is certainly not. To the contrary, fascism is actually an extremist left wing ideology. ***(Ed Note: But will it? Likely not.)

In the USA, Scott Morrison, (aka: ScoMo), would be a RINO, (A Republican In Name Only).  Malcolm Turnbull was far worse, but Morrison will likely find that the Left will not be anymore endeared to him for his attempt at pandering. The Left eats its own, it certainly will gladly chow down on a vacillating attempt at compromise to the Leftist Australian media:

So why would our Prime Minister choose to blame “right-wing extremism” rather than left-wing extremism?

As noted by a good friend of mine, “It could only be that Morrison subscribes to the leftist narrative, which seeks every opportunity to undermine conservatives and link us to violence.

….it is certainly incongruous for the Prime Minister to lead what is supposed to be a right-wing government, but falsely associate his own government and political party to a murderer by calling him a “right winger”.

Best of luck, but Zimmerman is correct:

Scott Morrison owes an apology to every supporter of his party and to every person in this country who considers him/herself a conservative.

I’m not sure exactly how “free speech” is actually effected by Morrison’s comments, but I certainly know that the “fake news” industry is smiling down under.  For as we all know, “It’s Trump’s fault” will be echoed from Perth to New York by Left wing purveyors of Orwell’s “newspeak”.  The convolution of Fascism as a right wing entity is merely a canard, exposed by the brilliant Dinesh D’Sousa in his book, “Death of A Nation”. 

Zimmerman is on target.  A commendable and short exposure of how the realists are constantly put on defense, while we continue to watch the erosion of Western civilization in “slow mo”, by the likes of “ScoMo”, right before our eyes.