It’s the Birthrates

It’s the Birthrates, by Jim Goad.

When Omar Mateen murdered 49 people at an Orlando gay nightclub in 2016, the mainstream press resolutely ignored the fact that during the shooting, he dialed 911 and claimed he was doing it in Allah’s name; nope, they twisted the narrative and blamed it on Donald Trump and the white-male homophobia whose flames he allegedly stokes. For better or worse — from where I stand, it’s far, far worse — we are occupied by an academic/media complex which refuses to blame Muslims for anything.

Now, with Brenton Tarrant’s alleged death toll at one body higher than Mateen’s, and with Tarrant explicitly proclaiming that he did it to curb Muslim population growth and to frighten them all the way back to their ancestral homelands, you can bet your every last worthless Federal Reserve Note that for the next year at least, we will continue to be forcibly spoon-fed the notion that white-male terrorism is the big threat and that any time white males even notice that the reigning cultural climate is hostile toward white males, blood will inevitably be spilled, because white males are violent monsters and there’s absolutely nothing racist about that statement.

For the family and friends of those murdered in the attack, their pain is understandable. For Westerners who like to feel good about themselves by making public displays of empathy for Muslims … this is a golden opportunity to bask in masochistic righteousness.