Bizarro-World Media

Bizarro-World Media, by Anonymous at Steve Sailer’s.

Watching the MSM reaction to the Christchurch Massacre is like watching the Bizarro-World reaction to Islamic Massacres.

1) As soon as it happened everyone started calling the perpetrator a terrorist, which was 100% accurate given his elaborate streaming setup. But a Muslim can hack people to death while shouting Allahu Ackbar and we really need to wait until all the facts are in, preferably until people forget about it.

2) Muslim terrorists are lone wolves who have noting to do with Islam but any time a white (or even partly-white guy) engages in terrorist behaviour, it’s part of a worldwide movement that somehow combines Islamophobes, White Nationalists, incels and 4chan, no matter how tenuous the links are.

In fact, many Islamic terrorists in the west are the exact equivalent of Breivik and apparently this guy …[and] …people who got all their ideas from a specific messed-up corner of the internet but never attended a training camp of any kind or are part of a large network of co-conspirators.

3) MSM gatekeepers are doing their best not to give viewers any information that might cast Islam in a negative light. During a Canadian round-table on the CBC, the talking heads pointed out the unmistakable reference to Alexandre Bissionette on the terrorist’s gun case, while leaving viewers to wonder what “For Rotherham” meant.


It’s obvious that the media abides an institutional racial double standard in how mass shootings and terrorist acts are reported. This double standard has the appearance of a coordinated operation, but it needn’t be to achieve the same effect. All you’d require is a media vastly overstaffed with [PC liberals] who think alike. …

I find that the reporting on these mass shootings follows a trend.
If shooter was nonwhite, it’s a news blurb then quickly forgotten.
If the shooter was white, it’s a few days of “diversity & inclusion” sanctimony and goodwhite virtue signaling, plus candlelight vigils, but no in-depth, exploratory reporting of motives. …

The media DOES NOT WANT anyone to know that the Whites who died at the hands of moslem terrorists is what motivated the NZ shooter. That muddies the anti-White narrative more than a bit, because it calls attention to a fundamental question: If there wasn’t so much moslem terrorism, there wouldn’t be an occasional White backlash. …

Polling over many years clearly shows that a significant minority to an outright majority of Moslems all over the world say in surveys that they support the actions of Islamic terrorists who target infidels.

In stark contrast, there is barely a tiny fraction of a percent of Whites who support the actions of lone wolf White terrorists. …

Islamic terrorism feeds off a vast network of social support and leaders who will excuse their violent foot soldiers. …

White reactionary terrorism enjoys none of that. They are almost entirely lone wolf attacks with no support from kin or clan, and no supportive social structure or tacit state encouragement to energize them.