Truth or Trope?

Truth or Trope? By Steve Sailer.

Last week’s amusing face-off between freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, leader of the Congressional hijab caucus, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi over Omar’s tweets about the influence of Jewish campaign contributions on American foreign policy was a classic illustration of my theory that the Democrats are a coalition of the fringes who can overcome their loathing of each other only by cultivating their mutual hatred of core Americans.

Careful use of language by the left:

“Trope” is an increasingly fashionable term out of deconstructionist literary theory. The word basically means “cliché” or “stereotype,” but it is intended to obviate your tiresome quibbles about whether or not a particular cliché or stereotype is true by assuming away the relevance of truth.

The use of “trope” signals a faith in the lit theory that the concept of “reality” is irrelevant, perhaps fictitious, and definitely oppressive. There’s no such thing as nature, only social constructs, which can presumably be deconstructed out of existence by socially reengineering the discourse. …

The tyranny of the fringe, coming to a ballot box near you:

The essential strategy of the Democrats is that, while they once represented core American constituencies such as Northern factory workers and Southern rednecks, they’ve recently found it more profitable to promote interests who feel alienated from basic Americans, such as Rep. Omar, whose beloved grandfather was a high-ranking minion of the brutal Somali dictator Siad Barre. …

The Omar clan had to vamoose from Somalia when their genocidal boss fell in 1991 and the country dissolved into anarchy. …

That Rep. Omar’s clan had to flee for their lives from the people back home who knew them best is widely seen today as granting her superior moral standing over you traditional Americans. After all, what can Americans teach a Somali about political wisdom? …

What’s truth got to do with it?

Pelosi tried to get Omar to grasp that she can’t say that American Jews give a lot of money to politicians because…well…because American Jews do give a lot of money to politicians. …

All this naturally raises the question of just how much do the Democrats and Republicans actually raise from Jews and gentiles. It seems like an interesting thing to know, but few have asked that question recently.

To answer it, I went to the OpenSecrets database of political donations maintained by the Center for Responsive Politics, a bipartisan organization founded in 1983 by former senators Hugh Scott (R-PA) and Frank Church, the Idaho Democrat who led groundbreaking investigations into the Deep State in the 1970s. …

The results of Sailer’s research:

Of the $675 million given by the top 50 donors, 66 percent of the money came from Jews and 34 percent from gentiles.

Of the $297 million that GOP candidates and conservative causes received from the top 50 donors, 56 percent was from Jewish individuals.

Of the $361 million Democratic politicians and liberal causes received, 76 percent came from Jewish givers.

So it turns out that Rep. Omar and Gov. LePage appear to have been correct, at least about the biggest 2018 donors. But you can also see why Pelosi wanted Omar to just shut up about it: 76 percent is a lot. … You can understand Pelosi’s trepidation about the emerging civil war between Jewish and diverse Democrats.

His note:

Personally, I think both making a lot of money and giving away a lot of money are largely admirable traits. That Jews tend to be leaders in both wealth creation and philanthropy is commendable.