Brexit: UK votes on whether to extend March 29 deadline

Brexit: UK votes on whether to extend March 29 deadline by (The Australian)

h/t Stephen Neil

From the sublime to the ridiculous.

Mr Bercow, (Britain’s Speaker of the House), has allowed four amendments to be voted on today, including one that calls on the government to seek an extension to Article 50 to make time for a second referendum.

Democracy is dead in the UK.  The “elected” representatives of the people apparently couldn’t care less what the largest voter turn out in UK history affirmed. The people want to be free of Brussels, but clearly the politicians don’t.

Only with a threat will the EU accede to a delay:

Today’s vote is on whether to seek a delay of at least three months to Brexit, but will be complicated by EU leaders who have warned they will only allow a delay if the UK agrees a deal.

And this is of course unlikely, so the slow motion train wreck continues toward the 29 March barrier.

Any delay in the Brexit process would require the unanimous approval of all 27 remaining EU member states.

European Council president Donald Tusk said today he would urge EU leaders to consider giving the UK a “long extension” to Article 50 to provide time for Britain to “rethink” its Brexit strategy.

The entire leadership of the UK seems to not notice that if they’d just take their heads out of the sand, turn and fight, they’d find out how much power they really have.  So what is it? Are they simply feckless or is there another agenda at hand? At this point only they know, of course, but it doesn’t look good.  If they’d simply let the date come and go at this point and stand up for themselves, I think they’d find an entirely different tune being sung south of the Channel once the dust settled.

Perhaps this is the real reason the EU is playing hardball without a bat?

The EU has also been reluctant to have any extension that would interrupt its European parliament elections from May 23-26.

A real PM would tell the public the obvious. “The Emperor has no clothes” – nor any real “Trump” cards…:-)  This shouldn’t be as interesting as it is, but break out the popcorn because it looks like we’re just getting warmed up.