Welcome to the Donkey Dow

Welcome to the Donkey Dow — The winners and losers in the most crowded Democratic primary yet, by Cockburn (The Spectator)

Well this post will need only the introduction of what the term “Donkey Dow” means.  For our non-US readers, the Donkey is the symbol of the US Democrat Party.  (Aside: the Elephant is the symbol of the Republicans).  I personally feel the horses rear end is appropriate for the Democrats and the ploddingly, often boring non resolve of the Republicans makes the Elephant just as relevant.

Update: The only update to this so far is that “Beto” has apparently entered the race officially, after saying he wouldn’t (what else is new?) and Biden seems to be just about to do the same.  If Biden enters, he will become the de facto front runner — though that may not last.