Parliament Again Votes on Future of Brexit, No-Deal, and Compromise Arrangements

Parliament Again Votes on Future of Brexit, No-Deal, and Compromise Arrangements  by Oliver JJ Lane (

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UPDATE — Brexiteers React

Brexiteers have reacted with anger after the House of Commons voted to stop the UK leaving the EU without a deal, whilst the Tory Party is in disarray after Prime Minister Theresa May lost control of her own motion.

Veteran Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage said immediately after the vote, “A total disgrace, Parliament no longer represents the people,” adding, “This is a Parliament of outright liars. We will have to fight them again. And mark my words — we will beat them once more.”

May throws a clear canard in an apparent attempt to cover her backside:

UPDATE 2010 — The Prime Minister Speaks

Theresa May responds:

The house has provided a clear majority for the UK not to leave without a deal, but I will repeat what I said before. These are about the choices this house faces. The legal default remains the UK leaves the EU without a deal unless something else is agreed. The onus is on us in this house to find out what that is.

UPDATE 1930 — Jacob Rees-Mogg reminds that the vote isn’t binding

While Parliament has voted to inform the government of its desire regarding Brexit, this vote is not binding, cool head Jacob Rees-Mogg points out. As he explains in an article published earlier today in British newspaper The Sun, the March 29th departure date remains British law until a bill is brought before Parliament to replace it.

In brief, read the article for the ongoing mayhem that the UK Parliament has become. People thought the US Congress has been an ongoing joke as well. Unfortunately, both are true.