May firmly places UK in the laughing stocks

May firmly places UK in the laughing stocks  by Greg Sheridan (The Australian).

h/t Stephen Neil

Sheridan notes:

Britain’s House of Commons was right to reject the disastrous deal that Theresa May brought home from Brussels for Britain leaving the EU. While the insider detail is fascinating for political tragics

The following historic parallels are correct and the disaster could eventually manifest itself in a similar manner as to the beginnings of WW2, but would likely play out in  slow motion manner until an economic or political collapse suddenly occurred. This is not far fetched given the nature of the EU project and its idea of elites at the top — unelected, running the show.

Sheridan continues:

The whole Brexit mess is a catastrophic failure by the British political class. It is a failure espec­ially by May, but everyone shares the group blame for not leading their country effectively. It is the worst single failure of UK politics since the infamous appeasement era, in which British leaders refused to face up to the reality of Nazi Germany.

Sheridan further notes:

May’s lack of effective leadership in all this is epic. She triggered the two-year mechanism for withdrawal without any coherent idea of what kind of Brexit she wanted.

Why would she do that? Perhaps because as a “remainer”, she wanted nothing to do with Brexit except to have it go away. The comfort she enjoyed as “one of us” amongst her EU peers had all the perks and none of the work.

As Marie Antoinette purportedly remarked when told the public had no bread, Jean Claude Junker and Ms. Merkel were allowing the UK – in the vernacular, ” to eat cake”. Ms. May seemed all too happy to stand by and watch.

Sheridan notes that at the start of Ms. Mays PM-ship, she had a 23% plus approval. Now that’s gone and if she continues her haphazard “leadership”, will likely be the end of her political career.  I for one wouldn’t want to be associated with the well meaning Neville Chamberlain, but Ms. May seems to be destined for the famous ash heap of history on her present course.