Beto the blank

Beto the Blank, by Daniel McCarthy (The Spectator USA).

The title of this article is perfect. He is the most shallow and vacuous candidate to date. Despite his popularity — semi rockstar cool, much like Barack Obama or Bill Clinton in his prime — there’s nobody home.

As McCarthy notes:

Beto is hardly anyone at all….O’Rourke’s advantage lies mostly in the fact that he’s the most photogenic male on the Democratic side. That and a bit of self-delusion is all it takes for some voters and many pundits to convince themselves that he’s the next Bill Clinton.

Good looks are worth six to eight points, to judge by O’Rourke’s support in national Democratic polls so far.

A VP slot for O’Rourke might depend on Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren winning the top spot -– but would they need or want O’Rourke? Maybe instead of being the next Bill Clinton, he’ll be the next Al Gore.

McCarthy’s read on O’Rourke is likely spot on:

More likely, he’s the next John Edwards: good-looking, Southern, and an also-ran.

Stay tuned and get out the popcorn, it’s going to be an interesting election cycle.