We’re now heading for a no-deal Brexit – but not just yet

We’re now heading for a no-deal Brexit – but not just yet by Robert Peston (The Spectator)

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The punditry is in a dither as the British Parliament, yet again rejected Theresa Mays “Brexit Deal” by triple digits!

This series of articles from the UK’s “The Spectator” offers several perspectives on what it “might mean” versus what will certainly be the final outcome.  One of the key points is how long can Ms. Mays Prime Ministership last with this ongoing debacle?

Why we could be heading for a third vote on May’s Brexit deal  by James Forsyth (The Spectator)

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Despite the UK freight train is headed for the cliff of a “hard brexit”, the political class is screaming about their fear of a no deal. But is it really as bad as it’s being made out to be?  Ms. May will want yet another vote, which seems to be more about her political future than the best deal for the UK.

As FDR said, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

Perhaps the politicians in the UK should take a deep breath and see this break for what it really is. A scream to regain the sovereignty and economic health, (yes – economic health!) of the nation.

There is no way the EU, despite its protestations will take the risk of economically destroying itself by a protracted fight over what was once a pleasant “common market” only relationship.  To do otherwise would be economic suicide and Donald Trump would likely offer the UK cover (and likely has behind the scenes).  In a scenario where the tables could turn in a moment and Jean Claude Junker felt his political existence would be threatened, I believe he would rapidly find himself in a lose, lose situation.  Not only for the himself, but also for the European project.  If only Ms. May would get her head out of the sand and see Brexit for the opportunity it is, all would remain calm and carry on.

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The above is what Junker is hoping for.  He’s trying to play poker with May and so far, he’s winning.  If the tables turn, (i.e.: Hard Brexit), the history of the European project will take a distinct turn.  In Wentworthmavens view, for the better.