Tammy Bruce Blasts the Lefts Crackdown on Dissent

Tammy Bruce Blasts the Lefts Crackdown on Dissent – Tucker Carlson Tonight (Fox News) (Video is 5 minutes)

h/t Scott of the Pacific

Tammy Bruce is a frequent guest/contributor on Tucker Carlson Tonight. She is a former local chapter president for the National Organization for Women (Los Angeles) and is a pro-choice lesbian.

As a former Democrat, Bruce notes, “Part of what I had a hand in and am now making up for”, and with a sly smile on her face, she continues, “We couldn’t really articulate the issues, we couldn’t persuade people”.  I, like she, have been repenting ever since….:-)

She speaks here of the intolerance of the left and it’s manufactured moral authority.  She should know, as she’s been vilified as everything from a traitor to the feminist cause to being bought off by the right.

A short and succinct presentation — enjoy!