Covert brainwashing of our kids is taking its toll

Covert brainwashing of our kids is taking its toll   by Tony Abbott (former Prime Minister of Australia) – (The Australian)

Tony Abbott

h/t Stephen Neil

“Reclaiming Education: Renewing Schools and Universities in Contemporary Western Culture” – a review by Tony Abbott

In this book review by Tony Abbott, we indeed learn that the crux of the matter when it has come to the long slow march of the left in their quest for power.

…..the long march of the Left through the institutions, a kind of soft Marxist version of the old Jesuit maxim: “Give me the child for the first seven years and I’ll give you the man.”

Abbott notes one of the more prescient of the contributors to demonstrate what has actually happened to kids indoctrinated by todays educational system.

One of the best is by David Daintree, who until 2012 was president of Campion College. “Far too many children,” he says, “leave school never having learned to read, write and think straight, before going on to university to become criminologists, sports psychologists — or teachers!

Abbott poignantly tells how in this succinct collection, there is much to learn about how the left took over the educational system and how to defeat it as well.  Wentworthmaven is well into the book and I too highly recommend it.