The tyranny of the minority

The tyranny of the minority, by Jennifer Oriel.

The Smollett case is the latest example of the PC Left undermining an essential part of democratic culture. The principle of loyal opposition requires the understanding that being a citizen of a democracy entails a mutual obligation to hear and be heard. Each side of politics is mutually obligated to demonstrate civility in debate and the exercise of public reason. After an election, the losers respect the outcome and facilitate a peaceful transition to the elected government.

In the wake of Trump’s victory, the PC Left showed radical disrespect for the democratic process by trashing the principle of loyal opposition. Mobs attacked Republican voters. Activists tried to stop the president’s inauguration. The progressive press ran fake news stories vilifying Republican voters as stupid, racist and uneducated. There were fake race-hate attacks. The PC sisterhood tortured irony by lauding universal suffrage while encouraging attacks on ‘white women’ who vote to the right. The PC Left has created a culture of contempt for democracy in the land of the free.

The censorious thugs of the 21st century Left are throwbacks to a pre-political age where might was right. When they are unable to win an argument by exercising reason in the public square, PC leftists resort to censoring opponents. They use the big club of the state to render dissenters speechless. ..

Right here in Australia:

The Australian Racial Discrimination Act legitimises the belief that enforcing PC ideology matters more than sustaining the future of democratic culture. Under section 18C, it is feelings not facts that constitute the evidentiary standard to justify state censorship. PC minority group interests are protected at the expense of a democratic tradition which requires freedom of speech, natural justice and the exercise of loyal opposition through public reason. …


When reality does not conform to ideology, utopians enforce a program of social engineering. …

In the march of the totalitarians, there is no such thing as free society or a lively democratic culture animated by dissent. There are only state-preferred groups that enforce PC ideology to promote themselves at the expense of the common wealth and greater good.