Missteps in Warsaw

Missteps in Warsaw, by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz. Some interesting events that didn’t make the news, told by an historian who was on Trump’s plane to Warsaw and had a hand in writing his speech.

It was supposed to be about the Middle East in general and the Iranian threat in particular, but the Warsaw conference of February 13-14, 2019, quickly turned into an American and Israeli World War II scathing lecture targeting the baffled Poles. The situation deteriorated quickly as other nations lined up to unload on Poland. …

The Polish government took it all rather stoically. However, it positively turned grim at the blows the Poles received from the Americans in a short succession before and during the conference. What most in Poland perceived as a brutal attack on the hosts by the United States and Israel completely overshadowed and nullified the purpose of the conference in the popular eyes.

Diplomacy done badly. Our politicians often have such feet of clay when left to their own devices.

hat-tip David Archibald