Letter from Brussels: the belly of the Eurobeast

Letter from Brussels: the belly of the Eurobeast  by Srdja Trifkovic (Chronicles)

h/t Stephen Neil

An excellent and brief history of the origins of the EU, its original goals, and how indeed the Left planned from the beginning to make it into something realists knew would never work.

Visiting Brussels is like visiting an acquaintance who is well informed but whose company you don’t enjoy. It is not fun but it can be useful.

The mandarins at the top are aware that the peasants are restive. …

The beginnings (of the EU) were seemingly non-ideological, pragmatic: the 1951 European Coal and Steel Community—as proposed by Spaak and Robert Schuman—seemed like a sound idea. But these upholders of Euro-federalism had a bigger fish to fry.

Indeed they did have bigger “fish to fry”. From the sound concept of the common market, a political take over by our betters was in the works from the get go.

Spaak and Monnet, nevertheless kept their powder dry for a more opportune moment when the European Economic Community might be steered in the direction of a political union.

In 2000 In varietate concordia was adopted as the official motto of the European Union.  The new concept coincided with the European Community’s expansion to the Nine, then to the Twelve. Its proponents claimed that Europe was not just a mosaic of cultures, but an organic whole. The implication that this whole required a single source of decision-making authority gave rise to the method of European integration Spaak and Monnet had advocated from the outset: a series of gradual yet regular transfers of small slices of national sovereignty—in ostensibly technical areas—from national capitals to Brussels.

And here was the the key concept Trifkovic enlightens his readers to:

It was a thorough revision of the 1957 Treaty of Rome, but in the direction of a super-authority rather than a superstate.

The coup was nearly complete

the EU became—in the words of British MEP Roger Helmer—“a slow-motion coup d’etat.” In addition to the creation of the eurozone 17 years ago, the Schengen Agreement (1990), the Maastricht Treaty (1992), the Amsterdam Treaty (1998), the Treaty of Nice (2000), and the Treaty of Lisbon (2009) – have transferred vast powers from national capitals to Brussels.

Many have noted how indeed, the long closeted Left has re-emerged from its mid late 20th Century sleep into its old ugly self.  Projecting upon the the realists of the world their own horrible behaviour.

This is the mindset of 1792 and 1917 all over again. Its derivative expressions are predictable.

The American Revolution was founded upon the idea that Utopia was unobtainable and that political leaders weren’t really much smarter than the average citizen and the system was designed in mind as to make it more difficult to tinker with.  The French Revolution was founded on a violent reconstitution of society, one where the elites believed that “they knew best”.  Is it any wonder why the “Yellow Vests” have coalesced in France first?  It remains to be seen if the EU will truly remain true to form and attempt to roll heads, but it should be noted that Macron and Merkel have said they would be interested in forming an EU Army to protect against China, Russia AND the USA.

Of course on its face this was insulting to Trump as intended, but on a more sinister note as noted by contributor David Archibald, (and I paraphrase), “Why does the EU want only an Army”? Why not a Navy and an Air force if the intent is to “protect Europe”?”  Perhaps that “Army” has a different purpose, he noted. That it is really being proposed to control it’s own citizens.

Trifkovic leads us to conclude the EU is a failing project who in its final vestiges might lash out at its own citizens to maintain power.

There is another eccentric statuary edifice just east of the Paul-Henri Spaak building, on the edge of the Leopold Park: a group of ostriches, one alert and watchful, the rest having their heads buried in the ground. It is such an apt metaphor for the goings-on behind those massive glass panes in the background that I am surprised the offending birds have not been removed. It smacks of populist conspiracy

Time will tell, and time seems to be drawing nigh.