Least Tolerant: Educated White Liberals

Least Tolerant: Educated White Liberals by Rod Dreher (The American Conservative).

h/t Stephen Neil

My experience is that, as an “old white guy”, I’d say I agree with the author. You’ll note from many of the comments to the article that a great many other “old white guys” seem to be quite intolerant of the author’s opinion. Most of them seem to be from the areas described. Imagine that!

In general, the most politically intolerant Americans, according to the analysis, tend to be whiter, more highly educated, older, more urban, and more partisan themselves.

Readers of the Wentworth Report are likely to be the exceptions to the following.

White, highly educated people are the most politically intolerant in the entire country. These are the people who congregate in Boston, New York, and Washington. I would love to see the demographic breakdown of who the decision-makers in major-media newsrooms are, as well as in other US institutions. We know from other demographic data that the more educated you are, the more likely you are to be liberal.

It’s been recently noted by several of my friends in Southern California and “name the big city” in Australia, that there are a great many “Old White – and no so old or white” conservatives. Amongst them are many of the Jewish faith, who are usually painted into the progressive corner as a given.  The “conservatives” in highly progressive areas in general shut their mouths and go about their business. The business of many of them is to support the policies of Donald Trump, and in Australia the policies of the Liberals. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, for if you do, all hell will break loose.

Ed note: For our American readers: “Liberals” in Australia are the Republicans of the nation, versus “Labor” which would be the Democrats.