High School Girl Beat by Transgender Athletes Speaks Out

High School Girl Beat by Transgender Athletes Speaks Out, by Courtney Kirchoff, Louder with Crowder.

These stories really burn me up. Hollywood is afraid that women are going to end up in some twisted Handmaid’s Tale future because of Trump/Pence, but in reality, high school girls are having opportunities taken away from them by men (I’m not going to waste time with the PC language of identity politics using phrases like “biological male” or “cis-gendered” whatever because language is ideology and their ideology is bogus). Girls (like Martina Navratilova!) are being so beaten down and broken by the left that they dare not even speak the actual truth without couching it in trans-positive (non) language. It is a massive step backwards for all women.

I thought feminism was supposed to be about advancing women’s rights. Yet all I see here is a girl too afraid to speak up against two men who took something from her. So much for progress.