The knitting community is reckoning with racism

The knitting community is reckoning with racism by Jaya Saxena (Vox). Unfortunately, this isn’t a joke!

My first wife, Mother of my Daughter, is an avid knitter and has been her entire life. I called her in panic and promised not to “out” her as to her clearly racist proclivities. (Yes, I’m being sarcastic, but you’d be forgiven to wonder given the complete insanity of this article.)

Fiber artists of color are taking to Instagram stories to call out instances of prejudice — and to try to shape a more inclusive future.

Of course when I first heard about this story, I thought it was likely an  “Onion” type article, where some news story is twisted to be ridiculous for the sake of laughing at itself. Well, it’s not a joke!

Karen, I’d ask you to re-read what you wrote and think about how your words feed into a colonial/imperialist mindset toward India and other non-Western countries,” wrote commenter Alex.

This is where the Left has brought us. To a dead end in both joy and discourse.

Templar, the happy person in joy who wished to share her upcoming trip to India, was contrite.

Templer has since apologized for her post, writing, “It took women of color pointing this out for me to see it … which is not their responsibility, and I am thankful to them for taking the time,” and that she’d be continuing to raise visibility of people of color (and specifically black/indigenous POC) knitters and their work. (Templer declined to comment for this piece.)

The entire discourse about knitting and racism, and the fact that anyone could take it seriously, should be examined. This is what the realists of the world face on a daily basis.

This insanity comes together at the bizarre corner of where “intersectionality” meets “identity politics”. The author certainly seems to take this seriously.

All involved should be embarrassed, but they’re too wrapped up in their crazy ideology to notice.

This gives meaning to the old adage: “The Left always eats their own”.