If you miss Hillary Clinton, you’re going to love Kamala Harris

If you miss Hillary Clinton, you’re going to love Kamala Harris by Christopher Buskirk (Spectator USA)

“…..wondering what to make of Harris, try this:  she will run as the slightly more charismatic, somewhat less corrupt Hillary Clinton, pantsuits and all.”  

Wentwortheditor believes the above statement to be quite generous. and Kamala Harris to be frank; frightening.

Harris is the absolute darling of the Left.  She is everything they’ve hoped for.  She meets all the criteria. Her Father is Jamaican, her Mother from India, she’s attractive, smart (enough) and onboard with every whackadoodle, completely foolish leftist tripe policy imaginable. From Climate Change to identity politics, she’s just what the Marxist’s ordered.  The only thing she excels at is verbal “gaffoon-ary” much like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the patron saint of such missives as former US Vice President, Joe Biden.  At least she doesn’t grab children in a creepy fashion by the shoulder.