George Pell: a case in which justice never had a fair chance

George Pell: a case in which justice never had a fair chance, by Greg Craven.

All my life, I have joined in the chorus that our justice system is the best in the world. With the case of Cardinal George Pell, I am not singing quite so loud.

It is not whether you like or loathe Pell, or even whether you think he is innocent or guilty. What matters is whether we have a system of justice that is exposed to extraneous pressure whenever some media outlet or social media alliance decides that someone is or is not innocent.

What the last year has shown is that the justice system can be systematically assaulted from the outside in a conscious attempt to make a fair trial impossible. This should terrify every citizen, because every citizen is a potential defendant.

Pell Verdict: Why I Don’t Accept It, by Andrew Bolt.

Cardinal George Pell has been falsely convicted of sexual abusing two boys in their early teens. That’s my opinion, based on the overwhelming evidence.

And my opinion is also based in part on how many times Pell has been accused of crimes and sins he clearly did not do.

But at last some of the truckload of mud thrown at him has stuck. It adds up to this: Pell, Australia’s most senior Catholic, has been made to pay for the sins of his church and a media campaign of vilification.

He is a scapegoat, not a child abuser. In my opinion.

How Pell Became the Vatican’s Sacrifical Lamb, by Miranda Divine.

It’s devastating because I don’t believe that Pell, who I know slightly and admire greatly, could be guilty of sexually assaulting two choirboys in a busy cathedral after Sunday mass when he was Archbishop of Melbourne in 1996…

How hard it must have been to find 12 impartial souls after the campaign of vilification against Pell over the past two decades and the carefully orchestrated drip feed of lurid allegations by Victoria police to selected media against the backdrop of shocking revelations of child sexual abuse by clergy around the world…

Anyone who knows how crowded and open is the sacristy at St Patrick’s Cathedral after Sunday mass must know the accusations are implausible. “Only a madman would attempt to rape boys in the sacristy immediately after mass,” said Pell’s legal team.

It is the word of one man, codenamed AA, against the word of Cardinal Pell.

There are no witnesses and evidence was given that the second alleged victim, who died long ago, told his mother that he had not been sexually abused while a chorister.

Remember the “repressed memories” convictions of the 1980s, which all turned out to be rubbish? The witch trials of two centuries ago? Outside social pressure and suggestion can lead jurors to convict.

This is all part of the cultural Marxist tearing down of the Christian basis of current society.

Finally, as it happens Pell was also outspoken against the carbon dioxide theory of global warming. Funny how people who speak out against that theory always seem to get taken down or shut up.